11 Delicious Meals You Can Cook with Just 1000 Naira

Want to cook delicious meals on a tight budget or you're just given 1000 naira for the food? Here are some ideas of delicious but highly nutrious nigerian dishes, and yet cheap to prepare.

1. Moi Moi

Even when you're going to prepare food for a big family, moi moi is one of the cheapest foods with high protein content. Talking about making sweetness, check our recipes for tips. And if you don't want to spend much time you can still follow our procedure. (RECIPE HERE)

2. Yam with vegetables

You can prepare yam and vegetables porridge for as low as 600 Naira. Talking about time, you know how yam use to cook fast.

3. Yam Porridge with Fish.

You can buy 300 Naira fish for your normal yam porridge today and make it taste, smell and look good. The rest you may buy the yam and other small small spices. You don't necessarily need vegetables for this.

Check out this budget:

Yam- 300

Dryfish- 200,

Ugwu leaf- 100,


Pepper- 50,

Maggi- 50 (you won't use all),

Palm oil-100.

You may even get some of the things you need from your kitchen.

Or you can check this Asaro yam porridge recipe.

5. Cook rice without tomato.

Do you know that you can cook rice without putting tomatoes in it? Just your crayfish, pepper, ogili and red oil and your food is done.

6. Spaghetti.

Get 1 Spaghetti, 1 Geisha (or 150 fish), a few spices, a little tomato paste and cook as jollof.

7. Fried Rice.

And when I say fried rice I mean the costumized one with carrot, sweetcorn, green pepper, stock meat and other vegetables. (click here to know how).

8. Plantain Porridge.

Cook it with smoked fish. The 1000 will do based on the quantity you want to cook.

9. Vegetable Soup and Swallow

Make vegetable soup using this budget:

Ugu - 100

Water leaf - 50,

Meat 400,

Titus fish 200,

Grind crayfish 50,

Pepper 20,

Opei 10,

Uziza seeds 20

Blend together and spice them with,

Palm oil 50,

Onions 50,

And maggi 20.

And this is nothing but a delicious combination. Although you can eat it with rice, any cheap swallow like Garri, Corn etc, will do.

10. Banga soup.

You just need palm fruit (Banga) meat or fish, spices like pepper, knorr, then crayfish. Making it is simple. If you're not sure about the cost and method of preparation, see here for full details.

11. Okro soup.

This is a favourite. The okra itself doesn't cost much. All you need is spices, ugu and meat or fish. Details.