How to Prepare Okro Soup with Fresh Fish the Nigerian Style

Today preparing nigerian okra soup with ogbono and fresh fish is as simple as cooking rice and beans with stew.

If you're too lazy to do Egusi soup today, m okro soup recipe with fresh fish and ogbono will save you time, money and energy.


Fresh okro

Fresh ugu

Onion slices (according to the quantity of soup)


Palm oil

Pepper (dried or fresh)

Locust beans

Maggi and salt for taste.

Stock fish or any type of fresh fish (you can also use goat meat)

Method of Cooking:

1. Slice your okro and blend. Some people just love it sliced but I usually blend or even ground mine.

2. Wash the meat or fish you want to use for the soup.

3. Put meat inside cooking pot and slice onions. If you're using fish you don't have to wait longer, just have the water boiling and follow the next step.

4. Add more water according to the size of your okro, then add salt and palm oil.

5. Cook for 15 mins, then add crayfish, pepper and locust beans.

6. Cook for another 10 mins.

7. Add your okro and onions to cook for 5 mins,then you add your ugu and allow for another 3 or 4 mins.

Your soup is ready and as green as it is.