15 Safe Tips for Healthy LIVING (exclusive)

Eating food is one thing I think the other thing is knowing what we are eating...

Eat well
Be safe
Be clean
Be healthy
Eat vegetables
Eat fruit
Don't drink any kind of juice
If you have indigestion try and exercise
Sleep well.
Rest enough
Smile from the heart
Worry not
Drink water a lot
Take clean water and food
Know your diet....be safe


Virtually all Nigerians would have eaten this fruit one time or the other. It is nutty, milky and delicious except when you taste the rotten ones(chai :p

Tiger Nuts a.k.a. Aki Awusa in Igbo, Aya in Hausa, Isip Isong in Efik/Ibibio, Ofio in Yoruba, Hausa Groundnut in Pidgin is surplus in the northern side of Nigeria, the northerners have a special treat called Kunu aya (tiger nut milk).
Let me summarise how you can make Kunu Aya.
You Need:
1) 500g of dry Tiger nut
2)1.5 litres of water
3)Additional ingredient (Sugar, ginger, milk,cinnamon, tumeric) based on preference.
How To:
1) Soak tiger nut in water for 2 days preferably in a fridge so that fermentation is controlled.
2) Wash and blend the soaked tiger nut .
3) Use stocking cloth to separate the milk from the chaff. Do this continously till all the milk has been extracted.
4)Package and store in the Fridge (the shelf life of Kunu aya is short and over exposure at room temperature could make it spoil).
I never knew this fruit were so nutritious till I did a little research on them. This are my findings .
1) Tiger nut oil can be used for Cosmetic. As it is antidioxide (because of its high content in vitamin E it helps slow down the aging of the body cells. It favors the elasticity of the skin and reduces skin wrinkles.
2) It supplies the body with enough quantity of Vitamin E, very essential for fertility in both men and women.
3) It contains enough protein and carbohydrates
4) It is excellent for colitis and the juice is used as a liver tonic, heart stimulant, take to heal serious stomach pain, promote normal menstruation, heal mouth and gum ulcers, used in Ayurvedic medicines as a powerful aphrodisiac (sexual stimulant).
5) It prevents constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, debility (physical weakness) and indigestion.
6) It has necessary essential minerals; calcium,magnesium and iron necessary for bones, tissues repairs, muscles and the blood stream.
Next time you see this fruit, never underestimate it,its one of the best fruit choked with a lot of goodness you can find around.
7) It has been reported to be a “health” food, since its consumption can help prevent heart disease and thrombosis and is said to activate blood circulation and reduce the risk of colon cancer.. ..This and many more...

Best Cooking Tips and Tricks You Need to Apply Everyday In Your Kitchen

Did You Know? That,
Did you know that what makes cooking more fun is all the lovely tips and tricks that come with it. This page introduces you to amazing cooking tips and tricks and i hope you get wowed!.

Testing your baking powder
You can test the activeness of your baking powder by tasting a pinch, when it bites it is active. Testing your yeast
You can test whether your yeast is active by adding 3tbsp of warm water to 1tsp of yeast and a pinch of sudar, cover and set aside for 5mins, active yeast would double its size by then
Grating Ginger
You can grate your ginger with microplane instead of minsing it
Meat cutting
You can freeze meat and liver for easy slicing Whipping cream
You can whip cream by shaking it in an empty mayonaise jar, you can use any jar with a firm lead
You should always make stock in large quantity and freeze in many plastic bags. That way when ever you need stock simply pull a bag out of the freezer
Ice meat
You should not cook iced chicken or fish because the outside will cook faster than the inside and you might end up having a cooked outside with a cold inside. Let iced meat melt before cooking please.


You used to go to a store and purchase a bottle of honey without worrying about whether the product you just bought is actually honey.
But, unfortunately, you must be careful.
Even though the honey may look like honey, it might just be adulterated honey, a fake. Honey requires careful consideration

Here a few tips to help you differentiate:
Honest manufacturers will list all the ingredients on the container.
If the honey is not pure, it should say so on the label, including the percentage of real honey (if any) that is in the bottle.
Fill a glass of water and add one tablespoon of honey into the water.
Pure honey will lump and settle at bottom of glass, but if the honey is adulterated and has been mixed with certain kinds of syrup, it will start dissolving in water.
Most pure honeys, will stick together and sink as a solid lump, or remain stuck as a lump on the spoon.
Dip a match stick or the wick of a candle into a bit of the honey, and shake off the excess.
Strike the match stick or light the candle wick.
Natural honey will light the match easily and the flame will burn off the honey.
Fake honey will not light because of the moisture it contains.
If it burns easily, then it probably is pure and has no water, syrup or other substances added.
If it refuses to burn or makes a cracking sound instead, then the honey is not original.
Place a few drops of honey on a notebook paper or tissue paper.
Pure honey would not perforate the paper for a long time.
This is because real honey does not contain water (0%).
If honey has been diluted with water, it may be absorbed or leave a wet mark on an absorbent material such as blotting paper.
Pure honey should not be absorbed.
Rub some honey between your index finger and thumb until it disintegrates (some will be absorbed into your skin; pure honey is a good skin regimen).
Natural honey is not sticky, but it would not be the case if sugar or artificial sweetener is added.
You can easily feel the difference after rubbing.
Add 2 to 3 tablespoons "honey" in a microwave-proofbowl. Heat "honey" on high power until hot.
Natural honey will caramelize quickly and will never become foamy.
Adulterated and artificial honey will become bubbly and difficult to caramelize.
Real honey will give you that "tingling" feel just before swallowing behind your mouth.
Adulterated and artificial honey cannot achieve and give that sensation like real honey would; you will be tasting and swallowing like ordinary sugar water.
Pure honey will crystallize over time.
Imitation honey will remain looking like syrup, no matter how long it is stored.
Spread "honey" on a slice of bread.
Natural honey will harden the bread in minutes.
Adulterated and artificial honey will "wet" the bread because of the water content in it.
Mix honey with an egg yolk (no white) in a bowl.
Give the honey and yolk a good beat with a fork.
If the honey is pure, the yolk will look like it's been cooked after beating.
The yolk will appear it has no affect from the artificial and adulterated honey -- still looking raw.
Don't let fake honey prevent you from enjoying the real deal.

How to Make Asaro Yam Porridge

A spoon full Vegetable oil
A spoon full Palm oil
Black pepper
Kini dry fish ( mackerel would work well too, or any eja kika)
2 Bell Pepper
4 Roma Tomato
4 rodo
1 purple onion

Crush you peppers onions and tomatoes and rodo, you want it chunky and not smooth
Heat your palm oil and vegetable oil together in a pot for about 5 minutes
Peel and slice your yam in medium pieces
Add your crushed pepper mixture to the heated oil and all to fry, add all your spices, crayfish and salt. Allow to cook for 20 minutes on medium heat
Add your peeled yam and 2 cups of water, cover and bring to a boil for 15 minuets on medium heat
Add your Kini fish and cook for another 10 minutes

Recipe for Black Soup - Nigerian Foods


Scent leaf

Oziza leaf

Ebrumehe (wide leaf)

Fresh pepper



Knorr cubes

Locust bean(ogiri)

Goat meat (or any other meat of ur choice)

Smoked fish (snail can go as well)


Remove your leaves from its sticks and put into a bowl of clean water then wash.

- Wash your pepper, crayfish and onion.

- Set the leaves, pepper, onion and crayfish to the blender/grinder and mill until its smooth.

(I will advice you to use grinder for a good result)

-Pour in your grounded leaves into a clean pot and cook.

-Add your cooked meat and fish the moment it starts boiling.

-Add your knorr cubes, locust bean and salt to taste. Stir and cover to allow to simmer on low heat for 2mins.

-Bring down from heat....and its ready to eat.

This soup can be served with Eba, Akpu, Semo,Wheat, Amala, Agidi and Alubo.

Enjoy your meal.

How to Prepare Moi Moi

INGREDIENTS: Beans, smoked fish, onions, red pepper (tatase), groundnut oil, cray fish, egg, corned beef, shrimps, seasoning, salt.


• Soak beans in water for 15-20 minutes.

• Peel the beans and grind with red pepper and onions.

• Mix grinded beans paste with groundnut oil, salt, and seasoning until fluffy.

• Add smoked fish, grinded crayfish, corned beef, and shrimps.

• Scoop the paste into small plastic containers, add some egg slices, and arrange inside pot.

• Pour some water in the pot and allow to cook for 45 minutes or until solid.