What is the Local Names for Spinach Vegetable?

The name Spinach vegetable is not well known in Africa, especially in Nigeria. So don't be surprised when the market women stand looking at you when you go shopping for a new recipe.

Here are some 'Nigerian' traditional and local names for Spinach vegetable:

* Green vegetable

* Efo tete in yoruba
* Efo ilari or Amunu tutu

* Aleho or Allaiyaho in hausa

* Efo Iyana

* Tete Abalaye

What to do when your fondant cake is melting?

A reader sent us this question:

"Pls DF help my dummy fondant cake is melting. How do I make it ok?"

There is only one thing you can do when you find yourself in that situation is to remove the fondant, remould it and add (dust it) icing sugar, then place it back.

Don't put fondant cake in the fridge. Fondant are design for cakes that don't need refrigeration.

Recipe for Cleansing & Refreshing Water

The recipe am going to share right now has vitamin A, B and K content, capable of cleansing stomach toxins. Life is all about healthy living and here is one natural way of achieving that:

Peeled & diced ginger - 2 inches

Sliced lemon - 1/2

1/2 cucumber, sliced
Fresh mint (optional)

1. Combine all of the ingredients in a jar.

2. Keep it overnight or 3 hours in the day time.

3. Drink and refill water every time.

4. Keep your self-made fruit juice in the fridge for 2 - 3 days.

What to do when you find out that your vegetable soup has become sour?

The best thing you can do with a soured vegetable soup is not to throw it. Infact, you can choose to do one of these things:

Tip 1: Add a little potash and boil till it starts frying like stew. Don't allow it to burn, just make sure it doesn't foam and you leave it open.

Tip 2: Add a little palm oil and onions. Then place it on your cooker with a medium heat.

Tip 3: Maggi and Crayfish, then a little potash. Also allow to fry slowly. Add oil and pepper. Although it won't regain it's original flavour, it will taste better.

Tip 4: Bring to boil then just put some baking powder (not baking soda), stir and all the sour will come up (keep stirring till it finish foaming) then taste and adjust the seasoning. Works wonders and its healthier than potash plus it doesn't change food colour.

Tip 5: Prepare a yam porridge with it.

Tip 6: If all don't work for you, pick out the meat, fish, etc, you used in cooking, wash with hot water, then use to prepare another food. At least you haven't lost all your expenses.

Washing the meat or fish with hot water helps in killing the bacterial and enzymic reactions that caused the souring. That way it's safe to use the washed stuff for another hot meal.

8 Best Nigerian Vegetarian Dishes - Foods And Recipes

Expecting a vegetarian visitor or you're planning on a vegetarian diet? Here are the best Nigerian vegetarian recipes you can start from.

1. Beans & fried plantain. Or you can still try plantain Amala. Check recipe: HERE (opens in a new tab)

2. Vegetable soup without the meat.

3. Jollof rice served with salad & plantain.

4. Akara & Pap.

5. Cous cous salad.

6. Coconut jollof and bulgar wheat.
(coconut moi moi tips and tricks HERE)

7. Bulgar wheat & stew.
8. Make a strictly vegetarian soup for fufu.

Prepare as usual, then ,add young bamboo shoots (you can find them in Asian stores), then mushrooms for protein, to replace meat, fish.

Most of the dishes mentioned can be cooked just ordinarily using only vegetable stock cubes. You can use mushrooms or/and Tofu as proteins.

PS: Watch your seasoning/spices, some of them have meat and fish content. Making a meal for a vegetarian that doesn't eat seafood at all, crayfish will be totally out of it. Watch out for boullion cubes like Knorr etc. Don't make a salad then add mayo/cream.

Why You Should Never Throw Away Orange or Banana Peels

Did you know the peels of some fruits hold some of the most powerful nutrients in the world? There are many uses, both medicinal and practical, for orange and banana peels that aren’t known by many.

So, next time you think about throwing away one of these peels, you may want to remember this information.

It’s always a good idea to minimize pesticide levels by choosing organic oranges. Oranges tend to be grown with lower pesticide usage than most fruits but a good cleaning with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar in 1 cup of water will remove almost any pesticide with ease.

An Orange’s peel and apple’s skin are similar because most of the nutrients are in the skin of these fruits. According to Rebecca Wood, author of The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, “One medium orange contains over 60 flavonoids and 170 different phytonutrients.” They are good for your skin, your system and your home too. Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharjee, Ayurvedic consultant with Satvikshop helps us find out it’s different uses.

Medicinal Properties of Orange Peels

As per Ayurveda, orange peel is tikta (bitter) and it improves digestion and can speed up your metabolism. It helps to naturally beat gas, heartburn, vomiting and acidic eructation. It’s also great to perk up your appetite and relieve nausea.

Due to its pacifying properties, orange peel powder helps dissolve phlegm in respiratory systems, alleviate coughs, and asthma.
Most of the beneficiary aspects of orange peels come from their essential oils, which have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oil “d-limonene” has the ability to defuse stomach acids and maintain normal intestinal movements.

It also promotes normal liver function.

Studies have shown that orange peel can dissolve cholesterol and triglyceride. That means consumption of an orange peel can benefit obese people who have high cholesterol levels. It has a flavonoid known as hesperidine, which is said to be effective against colon cancer and osteoporosis.

Essential oils from orange peels are sedative in nature so it makes them great for calming nerves and inducing sleep.

Use orange peels in baths or simmer in a pot to uplifting your mood or to beat insomnia naturally.

Beauty Properties of Orange Peels

Rub some orange peels on your skin gently if you have oily skin. Oily skin responds well to application of orange peels. It helps balance the skin’s oil and makes your skin smoother and softer.

Dried orange peel beads can act as a natural exfoliator by removing dead cells and blackheads gently and naturally.

Orange peels help in removing dark spots and blemishes.

Due to its cleansing, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and antifungal properties, it works well against pimples and acne.

To remove damp or musky odor your house and fill it with beautiful fragrance, boil a few peels in water and maybe add some clove or cinnamon.

Orange Peels in Cooking

If you use organic peels in cooking the orange zest can enhance the taste and flavour of many dishes.

Dried orange peels can absorb humidity from brown sugar. Just place half a peel in the bag.

Candy made with orange peels can improve your appetite and the vitamin c in them protects you by boosting your immune system.


Like oranges, make sure you use organic banana peels to reduce your exposure to pesticide levels and you may even want to try the wash described above anyways.

Banana peels are full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, so they can naturally cure many ailments and can aid cell regeneration.

Here are just a few uses if you know more please comment some in the comment section on the bottom of this article:

Water Filtration

Research shows they have a capacity to absorb lead and copper from water.

Bug Bites
Just rub a banana peel on a bug bite to soothe the skin and reduce the itch.

With regenerative properties, banana peel can speed up the healing of bruises.

Teeth Whitening
Rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for a couple of minutes every other day, and your teeth could be noticeably whiter in a few weeks.

Banana peels help eliminate warts and prevent their return. Tape or some how strap a piece of banana peel to the wart overnight for about a week or rub the banana peel on the affected area daily. This can also work for plantar warts. A potato skin has been known to be able to do the same thing.

Scrapes and Scratches
Rub a banana peel on small cuts or scratches and it can help promote healing.

The enzymes help dislodge the splinter and can help kick-start the healing process if you tape a piece of the peel over a splinter for a couple hours.

A banana peel can soothe the inflammation and irritation of acne. It also helps to prevent future outbreaks. Rub a peel over the acne every night. You should see a positive change within a few days.

Once or twice a day, try rubbing a banana peel on a psoriasis-affected area. Bananas have properties to reduce itchiness, moisturize, and heal psoriasis. You should see noticeable differences in a few days.

Rashes and Itches
Poison ivy, mild rashes, dry skin, irritated skin and even sunburn. Banana peel is good for relieving itch and promotes healing of the skin.

Rub the peel over the rash or affected are twice daily until it is gone. If you notice it getting worse you should see a professional.

Simply take the banana peel and spread it out across your forehead and relax while the nutrients are absorbed into your skin.

Regularly applying banana peel to your forehead, face or cheeks can tighten the skin, shrink pores and reduce wrinkles.

Banana peels are great for polishing. After removing the stringy parts from the peel, rub away and watch the shine.

How to Make Roasted Plantains - Healthy, No Oil

With school resuming, try something new for the kids. Roasted plantains. Healthy, no oil, tastes even better cold, fast and easy to make.

One medium size ripe plantain, peeled and grated. 1 small onions, finely chopped 1 Shonbo (cayenne) pepper, finely chopped 2 small rodo, finely chopped Half of a beaten egg.
Salt to taste

 Mix all together with a fork
 Clean and brush your sandwich toaster with a little butter.
 Pour spoon full of the plantain batter and leave to set and cook well.
 Serve as desired.
Omit peppers for kids who don't like it. Enjoy.
PS: Use your bread toaster.