How to Prepare Kunun Tsamiya Drink

Kunun tsamiya is one of the best nutritious liquid drinks originated from the Nigerian northern region. Tsamiya, a hausa name for tamarind is not the main nutritional value in the preparation of kunu but the name emphasizes the taste, which tamarind is really responsible.

Kunun tsamiya tastes sweet sour even without sugar or other flavour and spices. Here's the recipe:

Guinea corn (gyero)

Tsamiya (tarmarind), either dried or fresh.


Indeginous spices (such as Kanimperi)


1. Wash your millet or/and guinea corn according to the quantity desired. Soak it in water for 7 hours.

2. Change water 3 times and put some pieces of spices including peppper, kanimperi and ginger, then take it to grinders (those that use to grind millet).

3. Once grounded, put the watery liquid in a bigger bowl and set your pot on the cooker.

4. Fill your cooking pot with water and place on cooker. Put 5 to 10 pieces of tamarind (tsamiya) into the pot and allow it to boil.

5. As it boils, bring your grounded millet close and a sieve. Use plastic cup to pour the boiling water into the liquid through the sieve to keep bigger tamarind particles from passing to the bowl. Pour your boiled water till the volume of the liquid doubles, then stop pouring and start stiring. It will become a well coloured custard.

Note: you can add more water if it's thicker than the way you want.

Kunun tsamiya contains nitric acid that helps in the maturation of blood cells. Also an energy-giving food due to the presence of high content of carbohydrate.

Served as launch in most part of the north. You may add sugar and even milk to make it more delicious and nutritious.