Lists Blogging For Money Sites

There are many sites that can pay you to post your own writings. This sites are more straight way of making money by blogging.
Such type of blogging for money sites are tested, and many people are making alot of income through their services.
1. Smorty
Smorty is a place where you'll get paid by reviewing people's product. Just writing some sentences about a product is worth making some income.
2. BlogBurner
If you are serious about getting paid continuously for blogging, I'll recommend blogburner. They are more serious about original content, so you have more potentiality of making more money.
3. Sponsored Reviews
With this blogging plat form, you can write reviews using your own personal experience and get paid. You choose your topic based on your interests.
4.Review Me
At review me, you'll get paid from $20 to $200 to blog about products. All you need is just to sign up as a reviewer.
5. Link Post
With LinkPost you get paid a monthly occuring residual income upto 70% and also get paid directly by selling posts.
6. Shvoong
You get paid for posting blogs, inviting friends. Your job is to get readers to your blogs and thats all.
7. 451 Press
This is a paid to blog site. They claim to be looking for bloggers that have unique writing talents. It is a place to write blog with the same topics but different pattern. You must be logical in writing for your blogging voice to be heard on this site.
This is just more than paid to blog. It is a site where you can make a full living from working on guides. So, if you think you have a talent for writing, please don't waste time. You can work full time as a freelance writer.
9. Blogitive
You get paid for blogs to websites, based on your ability and sometimes experience.
10. Blogsvertise
It is also very similar and easy to Blogitive. You get paid by posting.