Pepper Preservation Without a Fridge

My Nigerian way of preserving pepper without electricity.

1. Grind your pepper.

2. Boil till thickens.

3. Pour into air tight bottle while still on fire (e.g. big bama bottle).

4. Cover immediately & put into boiling water.

5. Leave for 2-3mins.

6.Do not refrigerate, store anywhere in your kitchen either in the kitchen cabinet.

NOTE: it can last for months if not opened & as good as fresh. Once opened finish all.

Additional notes - from Post

Pepper = I meant your tomatoes, peppers & onions blended together (like for soup).

Glass Bottle = You can use any other bottle just make sure it is air tight & a wide bottle neck 2 make pouring d hot pepper in when hot easy. Before using bottle, please wash bottle and lid thoroughly, pour hot water in bottle and leave for 10minutes to sterilize bottle before you use.