How to Cook Coconut Moi Moi

Finally, coconut moi moi recipe.

Try this tasty method of cooking today.


5 cups of Beans

Fresh pepper


3 Onions


2 coconuts

Smoked fish (I used shawa)


Vegetable oil

Hot water

Salt and stock cube to taste


1. Pour water inside the bowl of beans, sieve out immediately and scrub to remove the skin or use blender method.

2. Put the washed beans in a bowl and add the pepper, 2 Onions, sombo and crayfish and take to the mill, because if you use blender you'll need to add much cold water (which is not good for moin-moin) so your blender don't get spoilt in the process.

The mill does it better with less water.

3. Grate coconut, add 1/2 cup of water to it so you can squeeze the milk out then sieve. Pour inside a clean pot and allow it to heat because any liquid for moin-moin has to be hot that way you won't see those fried egg-like substance on the surface of your moin-moin when cooked.

4. Boil hot water and pour inside the beans paste, make sure it's not much so you don't end up with watery moin-moin by the time you add the coconut milk.

5. Pour in the coconut milk, heat palmoil, once hot add a little vegetable oil (that is if you want to get the real native taste) slice the remaining onion and add to the hot oil. Stir and pour inside the mixture. Add salt and stock cube and mix the whole thing together.

Time to wrap!


Wash leaves very well, get banana or plantain stem to line on the pot before dropping your wrapped moin-moin so it doesn't stick and burn the food. But if you can't get those stems go for the extra stem of the leaf. Cut with knife and use it to line the pot.

Turn the back of the leaf starting with a wider one, place a smaller one on top of it (still the back), bring the 2 ends together to form a funnel like shape then bend backwards(sorry we don't have pics right now for illustrations).

Use your hand to open the top then scoop in the moin-moin and wrap the top together and also bend backwards then carefully place in the pot.

From one side of the pot, pour in water and start cooking (for 35 mins to 1 hour). Happy cooking.