How to Make Nigerian Stew with Beef and Chicken

Although other forms of meat can be used and same process of cooking involved, nigerian stew is bigger than any african tomato stew.

Now get into your kitchen and follow the number 1 stew nigerian tomato stew recipe with beef and chicken, a meat most adored and loved by many millions of nigerians.

This type of nigerian stew can be stored in freezer for days, if not weeks. So you might need to do it in large quantity to save time, energy and money. Storing is valued most in nigeria because most of our foods are simple boiled staples. And stew in particular, we use to serve boiled rice, eba and even moi moi. That's why stew is obviously the most popular soup among nigerian food recipes.

List of the foods that can be served with stew:

Rice. The nigerian beef stew is used as sauce. Eaten boiled or fried. White rice preferribly.

Beans. Although most nigerians prefer beans porridge, beef stew is a short-cut to cooking after a busy day when it's available in the fridge.

Yam. I must admit. This is my favourite and everywhere I go, nigerian beef stew with yam is a welcome. Mostly boiled with just salt or just plain makes the best meal. Same goes with fried yam.

Plantain. Nigerian beef stew and chicken, not accompanied by plantain is unusual. Though more often in the south than the north, plantain is a big catch and tomato stew is the sauce.

In cooking nigerian beef stew you need to be careful not to make it too oily, burnt or watery. Plain stew is not like vegetable soup but all you have to do os follow the excellent steps in making nigerian beef stew anywhere around the world.

Ingerdients for making nigerian beef stew


Tomato Stew


Whole Chicken (hen)

Stock cubes & Thyme

Habanero Pepper & Salt (to taste)

Ingredient Quantities

600 grams tinned Tomato paste or 1.2kg watery tinned tomato puree

1.5kg Jos Tomatoes, precisely plum tomatoes

15 pieces of medium cuts beef

A generous amount of Vegetable Oil

Habanero Pepper & Salt (to taste)

3 large stock cubes & 2 teaspoons of Thyme, for seasoning.

1.2kg of Whole Chicken (hen)

2-3 medium bulbs of onions

About chicken

The best types of chicken for cooking nigerian tomato stew is the female hen. Others cockerel or rooster are not as tastier as the full grown female broiler or domestic chicken.

A complete chicken is more gives you the whole nigerian taste and flavour because each part of a chicken has a unique taste to give your soup.

About tomatoes

For Nigerian Beef & Stew, Tomatoe stew referred above is the combination of tinned tomato paste (the one that is boiled and fried to get rid of the sour taste of fresh tomato) and the fresh puree tomato.

Tools you need for making stew and chicken




Oven for grilling the chicken and beef



Deep Pot

Chopping board

Preparing Ingredients before Cooking

Blend/grind the chilli pepper

Cut the provided onions into small pieces

Cut the chicken into smaller comfortable pieces.

Place the chicken pieces into the cooking pot and put thyme, stock cubes and half of the chopped onions.

Add salt to the pot and let it simmer for 5 minutes or so.

After the time, transfer everything in pot to a seive for drainage.

Fry or grill beef and chicken to give them a rich golden, desirable look, ready for munching!

Cooking Instructions

1. Add excess oil to the tomatoes in your well-fired tomato stew.

2. Move the tomato pot back to Cooler. Then add the chicken stock inside the pot. Be careful not to pour the water together with the tiny bones at the botton, leave them behind.

3. Put the grilled chicken and beef, and the chilli pepper into the pot. Now you can stair and add salt. While the salt is not necessary, you should be ready to add water if the stew becomes too thick.

4. The nexting to do to finish your nigerian chicken stew is to cover your pot and adjust your cooker to a medium heat to allow it to cook moderately.

5. After some minutes, stair the whole soup again to conclude the best stew cooking journey.

6. Serve immediately or store in a freezer, to be warmed before each serving.

Can also be served with boiled yam, fried yam, boiled plantain and fried plantain.

More common, White Rice and Agidi can be serve with stew sauce.

Important note:

While cooking chicken, water should be slightly above the content in the pot.

Until the chicken is done, do not add salt to a raw kitchen to hasten the cooking time and allow the natural taste and flavour of the kitchen to flow out freely in the water.

If you're using stock cubes, you don't necessarily need salt as it contains good percentage of salt ingredient.

To get the fullness of natural taste, do not use curry in your beef or chicken.

Enjoy the lasting delicious meal.