How To Get Rid Of Ringworm Fast In Humans With Bleach

How long does it take to get rid of ringworm in humans? Less than a week. Here's how to get rid of ringworm fast in humans with bleach. It makes up the different methods to use according to age and the place of the fungus infection.

Although bleaches are very reputable in getting rid of ringworm fast on the skin, it is never recommended for those with sensitive skin. So if you have skin allergies or suffering from much burning due to your skin prone sensitivity you should jump down to the other fast methods to get rid of ringworm in humans.

For children aging from 2 to 7

Children aging from 2 to 7 have a "developing" skin and adult mix would eventually burn their skin. So to get rid of ringworm with bleach for kids, fill 4 cups of lukewarm water and put it inside a bowl. Add a 1/3 cup of bleach to the water and mix up carefully to make one liquid. It may take upto week or less to heal all according to fungi infection, sizes of ringworm, and most importantly our mixture.

Toy players: 8 to 12

At this age, the skin is not so delicate but most be "handled" carefully in introducing new applications. Mix 2 cups of warm water again, and 1/3 Cup Bleach. Allow it to become less warm before applying to the skin.

Teenagers: 13 to 17

Teenage can never be adult, although we are on the way. So the mixture is 50:50 of bleach and water. But if you fear for your sensitive skin, you might like to reduce the bleach to 30 or 40 percent and water to 70 or 60. In mixing equally you can get rid of ringworm with bleach in human, within 2 to 4 days guaranteed.

Adults: 18 to 100 years of age.

Amazingly, for adults there's no need to dilute the bleach to get rid of ringworm because of no reason. So you apply using the application methods below the full percentage. Certainly, it hurts and burns but it is a way to get rid of ringworm overnight within 24 hours or 2 days.

But if you are not sure of enduring the pains or your skin resisting the burns, you can "demote" yourself a bit by following the teenage 13 - 17 measures.

Methods of applying bleach on ringworm

If the ringworm appears only on the scalp, a good way of applying the bleach solution is by soaking a sizable washcloth with the liquid and tying the head with it, to stay for 20 minutes.

Another simple method is to keep rinsing the head especially for adults for 10 minutes, since the warmer the water, the more it is effective. If on hand or legs, dip the legs inside the bowl and forget for the stated time.

Note that you can repeat the processes about 3 times daily, but you MUST give a gap of 4 hours to avoid burning your skin by doing too often. If you feel the bleach acting on your skin for more than 2 hours of procedure, give a gap of 6 hours and do it only twice. In that case, 3 days or 2 is ideal to get rid of ringworm with bleach.

Caution: Avoid eye contact, mouth and do not pour bleach residue where your pets play. You are too flush even the sink with clean water after depositing the bleach. Forasmuch as you don't want to bleach your clothes, you have to also take caution of how you contact the toxicated solution.

Other ways to get rid of ringworm in humans

Certainly, bleach is a "work and done" if you want to get rid of ringworm fast, but as I've promised earlier. For those with sensitive skin we look at the alternatives to bleach.

Drinking alot of water.
If you're not a stranger on this site you will realize that we always encourage our readers to do things in a natural ways. So likewise, to get rid of ringworm without bleach, drinking alot of water helps to flush all the internal fungus and also helps the skin to become well hydrated -- conditioned for fast healing. So gallons and tanks of water are more of a word to say to kill ringworm especially on face.

Anti-fungal oils, shampoos and creams.
Natural oils include, olive, lavender, aloe vera and peanut. While artifical lotions with mineral oil and glycerine among the ingredients promise the gradual "get rid of ringworm in human" by killing the fungus. All shampoos work, but avoid anything toxic, especially if you are having a sensitive skin.

How to prevent ringworm in humans

Definitely, we want to get rid of ringworm permanently. So avoiding the possibilities of ringworm invading our skin is the only way to go with this. So here are the measure steps to take:
• Avoid and do not wear wet clothes especially if they're not washed.
• Do not share clothes with someone at any case.
• Maintain a real personal hygiene. You must care for yourself and skin in order to escape all those funny skin diseases.

Fungus hate cleanliness and dryness. And to get rid of ringworm in humans you also need to be using propylene glycol moisturizers instead of the toxicated skin creams.