9 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Ticks On Dogs

Ticks are very rile and nark especially on dogs. I've compiled many home remedies to get rid of ticks on dogs with different alternatives for your choice. All according to the way of infestation.

Because of time management and productivity, we are going to start from the simplest that can be done offhand. Remember you can always combine two home remedies and natural ways. I will also talk about avoiding ticks on dogs.

1. Hot Coal Simple Removal.
Ticks are very alive and stick their mouth to the dog's skin for as long as they can. They usually feed on blood which makes them very sensible outside, and rile from the dog side. Burn a some parts of a woody stick or wood itself, in order to make coal. Locate where the ticks are, and place the hurt coal on it. Within 5 seconds, the tick would fall down immediately. Expect more of the dogs body and do the same thing for all. Gather the fallen ticks and dispose them into fire.

2. Brushing the Dog's Skin.
While using burning coal to make the "seen" ticks to fall from dog's body is as fast as pushing the click button, there are some small types of "invaders" that can only be removed by brushing. Get a shoe brush or the tough type of hair brush and work it all over the dog. Make sure you do this outside, for the hair will fall in mass quantity. Place some water under the dug in order to capture the falling hairs.

3. Bathing the Dog with vinegar.
Vinegar was proven to nettle all those small pests and insects that disturb us in the home. So including vinegar so early on our lists of home remedies to get rid of ticks is a big target. Ok! Mix white vinegar with clean water about 1 : 10 measurement rate and wet the dog with it. Keep sprinkling the solution on your dog for 10 minutes and leave it to air dry.

4. Peppermint Oil bath and application.
Peppermint is also an alternative to vinegar, which not only get rid of ticks on dogs but repel them whenever the attempt to infest. So just mix it as that of vinegar and the same application measure. If ticks often encroach upon your dogs, peppermint bath every 2 weeks is worth the try.

5. Warm water bath.
Warm water bath also works like that of peppermint. Boil water and leave it to cool in the sense that is doesn't hurt but it is still warm. Wet the dog first with normal temperatured water all over, and start sprinkling the warm water in order to get it used to it with time. Pour it all around and leave it to air dry. If you are the type at the pets side, rubbing olive or peppermint oil after this would help to keep the dog's skin immuned from tick overruning.

6. Spray cedar oil.
Cedar oil spray is a general tick killer which would work more perfectly on dogs. On this home remedy to remove ticks on dogs, just purchase the cedar oil if you don't have one and put it inside a spray bottle. Spray all over dogs until they are so wet with the liquid. This is to ensure that it kills every foreign overruner on your dog. Apparently, sometimes even if they were dead, some still remain on the skin. So brushing up the air after an hour of application is worth the job.

7. Tea tree oil as an in and out tick killer.
Get your dog to smell tea tree oil for a minute and that's all you need to kill ticks. To make the work done more assuring, pour some on the obvious parts of the dog, including the neck area to the ear. As long as you use tea tree oil on your dog, biting and sucking is cover.

8. Epsom salts.
Mix epsom salts with water about a spoonful per two litres, and shake it vigorously. Bath the dog with the mixture leaving it for about 10 minutes and rinse your dog with clean water. Epsom salts are quite corrosive if stayed for a long time on dogs. It irritates breathes and makes them less appetitic. So do the mixture as described to avoid possible exposure to a dreadful and negative dog behaviours. This home remedy kills ticks very fast and 10 minutes is very okay to make a great impact.

9. Horse apples/bodarc apples multi use.
Horse applies are those oldest home remedies that kill and repel many types of house pests. It is more easier to find than most chemicals that irritate dogs. So cut either horse apples or bodarc apples into two or just four parts and throw it where your dog usually sits. The ticks would go away in a matter of a day.

Another way to use horse bodarc apples to get rid of ticks is by grounding it and putting it inside a bottle of one litre water for 10 hours. Do the most obvious thing on the dog with the mixture in order to keep ticks at bay from your house and from the dogs also.