How to Mould Rice on a Plate

Want to know how to mould food like rice into shapes without it breaking or spreading? What about foods that stick?

Learn the basic steps how to mould rice into shapes without breaking.

Tip 1. Although a shaper is mostly recommended for moulding foods into heart shapes, the best thing to use for rice is those little bowls for serving nuts or anything that gives the shape you wish to form. Put your rice in there, make sure it's full and then turn it upside down on your plate.

Tip 2. As long as the rice is cooked and hot while moulding it will stick together. After Putting in the mould press it down firmly and stick it in the microwave for 30 sec it will stay in shape for sure.

Tip 3. For transferring rice to other bowel, put your plate over the mould and turn it over. If you try to pour the rice over the place it will break.

With these 3 tips you are sure not to have a messed of rice.