How to Prepare Kunun Zaki

Kunu recipe enjoy...

Soak your millet and guinea corn. If you like use only millet but better both. Soak overnight.

Wash and add ginger. Use fresh one if you can't get dry; dry pepper (not grinded one); kananfari (ask Hausa people they would give you, a tablespoon would do), and then finally sweet potato, one small ball peel and slice and put with the peel. All this listed thins would put according to how you like pepper. Then grind all together.

When you return you would take a big cup and scoop a little of a gruel boil water and make akamu out of it (thick akamu).

Leave to cool (I mean really cool) until it seperates visibly releasing water on the surface. If it would take a day for it to cool leave it.

Once cool mix with the remaining one you took from to make the akamu. Then add little water and sieve with fine sieve or cloth sieve.

Once you finish sieving, add sugar and refrigerate.

Sip and enjoy your kunun zaki.