How to Make Ekuru (steamed beans) and Nigerian Eko Food

Shout out to everyone from kwara state - my state by marriage, relishing a meal of Ekuru and Eko tonight. Come dine with me.


Beans (black eyed peas)

Pepper (jalapeƱo, bawa/sombo)


Palm oil




*smoked mackerel (optional)


Peel beans and blend coarsely.

Pour beans into a bowl and mix till very fluffy, if you have a mixer, you may want to use it because mixing by hand would take at least 30mins.

When the paste is fluffy and has risen due to the air incorporated, wrap in leaves or food nylon and steam cook for about 20mins on high heat.

Rough chop pepper and onions.

Ponmo and fish is very optional.

If using ponmo slice to very thinly and shred fish.

Heat palm oil in a pan and just before it gets to smoke point pour in your pepper and onions, add ponmo and fish after the pepper has spent 3 mins on the fire, allow to simmer for about 10mins.

Turn off fire once the sauce starts to sizzle.

Serve with Eko, some people love to eat theirs with okra soup.

Note: Black eyed peas is good ol Beans! Any type of our common brown beans would do, just that Honey Beans (ewa oloyin) would be sweeter.