How to Make Owo Soup (benin and delta)

There are two different types of owo soup in nigeria, the benin and delta. Here we are going to teach you the recipe of both and what makes them different.

General Ingredients:


Dry pepper






Meat or fish.

Method of Making


1. Blend tomatoes, pepper, onions and crayfish.

2. Put in a pot and put on the fire, then add pottash,fish and seasoning.

Don't cover the pot.

3. Always stir to avoid being form.

4. When it's well cooked drop from cooker and allow to cool a little, then add your oil.


Don't add salt please because the pottash already serves as salt to it.


Put meat in the pot on fire and add little water. Put grinded dry pepper, crayfish, seasoning and allow to cook for some time.

Then add pottash (note: it has special pottash for it and leave it to cook.

Then add oil and leave to cook once more for some time.

Mix starch and water in a bowl (not too waterish), then add to the pot on the fire.

Always stir. If is not thick to your liking, add garri to thicken. Your delta owo is ready.