How to Make Egusi Soup with Palm Oil

Plenty oil is what makes party egusi soup in Lagos. Want to try one. It's simple.

Assuming you know the basic ingredients from here. (or check here)

My Egusi for Party Method:

I pour in my palm oil in the pot, pour in the diced onions when the oil is hot a little bit, then pour in my blended pepper a minute after.

Covered the pot and add my smoked catfish, cow leg, chicken, red crayfish, maggi, salt and chicken stock all together.

Waited for 10 min and pour in my grinded melon.

I have a funny way of mixing my dried grinded melon, I do mix dried grinded melon, egg and diced onions together to make the melon stand one by one in the stew.

Covered it and pour in my kale vegetable 10 mins later. Then I adjust my stove to low to make it simmer.