Recipe for Black Soup - Nigerian Foods


Scent leaf

Oziza leaf

Ebrumehe (wide leaf)

Fresh pepper



Knorr cubes

Locust bean(ogiri)

Goat meat (or any other meat of ur choice)

Smoked fish (snail can go as well)


Remove your leaves from its sticks and put into a bowl of clean water then wash.

- Wash your pepper, crayfish and onion.

- Set the leaves, pepper, onion and crayfish to the blender/grinder and mill until its smooth.

(I will advice you to use grinder for a good result)

-Pour in your grounded leaves into a clean pot and cook.

-Add your cooked meat and fish the moment it starts boiling.

-Add your knorr cubes, locust bean and salt to taste. Stir and cover to allow to simmer on low heat for 2mins.

-Bring down from heat....and its ready to eat.

This soup can be served with Eba, Akpu, Semo,Wheat, Amala, Agidi and Alubo.

Enjoy your meal.