Preserving Fresh Okro - How to Keep Okra Fresh after Picking

Like we all know we have a very merciful God that knows how to give us plentiful. It's the raining season here in 9ja and you know tomatoes and rain no be friends, that's why buying your fresh tomato is very expensive.

Now too much water affects its growth but it's good for the green leave ugwu, shorkor, waterleaf, tete, yakwa, to name a few and okro!

In particular, OKRO is plentiful and cheap, and the end result is we buy and it turns to waste in the fridge or vegetable basket.

See Method of Preservation, the Nigerian style

I simply wash all my okro, shread with a grater, put the whole lot in the pot without water or salt and stir until the whole okro is covered with heat, not cooked. Let it cool and have it tied in plastic bags and into my freezer.

It could be there for months. Any time I want to cook okro I already have fresh okro like just gotten from the farms and it's thickness remains, color intact, not dark green and watery like the unboiled one reserved in the freezer.