How to Make Nigerian Shortbread

1 cup salted butter 225g (if you use unsalted butter, add in 1 teaspoon salt)

1 cup 125g icing sugar.

3/4 cups of flour 340g.


In a bowl mix the butter first then add icing sugar mix together until smooth sift the flour to get a sandy, transfer to a table and knead to form a ball dough and cover with plastic.

Put in the fridge for 45 mins, after 45 mins set the oven to 180c (preheat) bring out the dough place it in baking tray press with your 2 hand and with a knife. (Don't use rolling pin it will break )

I cut it before baking but I did not separate it. After baking for a while I cut it again and separate it, and bake again.

Baking time: 45 minutes.

Loyce - Nigerian Recipe.