Recipe for Chinese Hot Pepper Chicken and Shrimp Vegetables


Fresh cubed chicken breasts,

Fresh Jumbo Shrimps,

Bag of frozen Mixed vegetables,

Chopped Onions,


Cooking wine,

Thai mixed pepper,

Season all,

Black peppers,

Cooking oil (Olive Oil),


Soy Sauce

Cooking Instructions:

Frying Pan 1

· Put cooking oil (Olive oil) into frying pan

· Add Garlic

· Add Shrimps (Cook until Shrimp is pink –Do not overcook)

· Add chopped onions

· Add cooking wine (White Wine)

· Add teaspoon of butter

· Add season all

Frying Pan 2

· Put cooking oil (Olive oil) into frying pan (Just enough to cover bottom of pan)

· Add chicken cubes

· Add garlic

· Add Chopped Onions

· Add Soy Sauce (Do not add any more salt since Soy Sauce has Sodium in it)

· Cook Chicken to desired level – Well done for me

· Add some cooking wine (White)

· Add your mixed vegetables (Cook for a little)

· Add your Thai pepper mix (Hot)

· Add some black peppers season

· Cook to taste –

Lastly – Pour Frying Pan 1 on top of Frying Pan 2 (Cook for just few mins)

Let the entire mix rest for 5mins and serve with Rice or whatever you like.