Ora Oha Soup Recipe: Nigerian Soup with Pomo, Stock Fish, Dry Fish and Goat Meat

Ever tried this lovely soup? This is one of the best dishes filled with nutrients for a healthy diet.


Oha leaf

Meat (any type goes)

Dry fish

Stock fish


Salt, for taste

Ogiri (sesame seeds or egusi seeds)

Ede (cocoyam paste), as a thickener. You might use any alternative if you like.

Uziza leaf or seed (african pepper also known as false cubeb, Guinea cubeb, uziza pepper, Benin pepper and/or Ashanti pepper)

Red oil


Fresh pepper

Directions for Making Ora Soup

1. Wash your ede (cocoyam) and boil until at has become soft.

2. Pound on a mortar or use manual blender then set aside.

3. Wash and season your meat with maggi and salt

4. Place on fire.

5. Pick your Oha leaf and uziza leaf then set aside.

6. Pound your uziza seed if you're using the seed and set aside.

7. Check your meat, wash and add your fishes.

8. Then pound your crayfish and pepper.

9. Add your red oil , ede and Ogiri followed by other ingredients.

10. Cover your pot and allow to cook for ten minutes

11. Check if your ede has all dissolved, if not you can help it dissolve with a wooden spoon.

12. Then add the uziza leaf first before the Oha leaf and stir.

13. Cover for one minute and check if salt and maggi is ok, then your soup is ready.

Serve Ora Oha soup with any swallow. Enjoy your soup.