How to Wash Snails in Nigeria

I know alot of people who use different types of cleaning agents to wash snails. Ironically, I also know many that know exactly what to use to prepare snails for eating and cooking process.

Here's the lists of ways to wash snails in nigeria, africa and beyond.

1. Alum.

From each side of thoughts, every professional snail eater has for once made alum the only washing agent for alum. But what if you don't want to use or in the absence of it?

2. Salt.

Salt is a great alternative to alum in the sense that the risk of poisoning is drastically reduces. When salt is used in a good way, snails can be best washed and free from poisons.

It need to be soaked for a while before washing with either warm or cool water.

3. Lime or Lemon.

Lemon has the positive toxic acid needed to get rid of all germs from snail. Most of the times people who have used alum before love using lime to be on the safer side. Alternative to lime or lemon is any unripped orange.

4. Garri.

The common cassave processed garri can be easily used to wash snail. Garri also has the properties needed for the preparation of snail to be edible. Mix garri with hot water.

5. Hypo and sunlight

Before washing, sunlight effect usually treats snail off it's toxicity.

6. Corn dough.

You understand the type we're talking about? The finished one. Wash your snail with it and observe the new progress.

7. Water from fermented cassava.

To make it more effective warm the cassava water a little to wash snail quick.

8. The Back you're not eating.

That part of snail you don't eat, clever people use the part as a cleaner.

Almost all of the kitchen items stated will need hot water as a catalyst to speed up their reaction on the snail.

Sometimes you don't have to break the shell and start washing. All you need to do is boil it with the shell for some minutes, dpending on the quantity, then use a broom to pick it out. It will be as clean as ever.