13 Best Healthy Foods for Your Kids Lunch Box

Apart from noodles, rice and pasta, there are different varieties of healthy foodies that will sustain your kids all through school hours.

Here are our best suggestions, especially if you're tired of the ones mentioned above.

1. Boiled or fried yam with egg stew.

2. Irish potatoe porridge.

3. Boiled Irish potatoes with egg, stew or fish sauce.

4. Sweet potatoes with egg, sardine, sausage or ice fish sauce or stew

5. Moi moi is also a great option if you know how to make it fast!

6. Fried plantain and egg.

7. French fries and chicken with ketchup

8. Sandwiches with yogurt

9. Prawn cracker and juice.

10. Toast bread. Spread the bread with sardine and butter mixture with sliced boiled eggs.

11. Potatoes: mashed potatoes, chips, potato porridge etc.

12. Fried rice, plantain and salad!

13. Clubsandwich, egg chicken and tomatoes.

These are the suggestions we have for now. More are coming, including the method of preparing each new breakfast recipe.