How to Make Puff Puff Nigerian Style

Tried something new today, stuffing puff puff before frying.

Preparing it was a bit messy but the end result was.......... delicious!

Ingredients I use:

Flour: 4 cups

Sugar: half cup

Yeast: 1 tablespoon

4 eggs

Warm milk 1 cup

Half cup water

A pinch of salt


1. Mix the dry ingredients together then add in the wet ingredients. Mix well for 5 mins.

Your mixture would be a bit thicker than the normal puff puff mixture.

2. Keep in a warm place to rise, even under the sun for an hour.

3. For my filling I boiled potatoes, minced meat, Mashed the potato and added the little minced meat, chopped onions, cabbage, seasonings and mix together.

4. Now the messy part.

You take a little of the puff mixture and put in a plate, make it a bit flat then put in the potatoes before wrapping it up with polythene starting from the ends. It will give you a ball shape then fry.

Enjoy with tea or any other soft drink.