How to Make Kpomo Sauce

Simplest way of making kpomo using ofada sauce.


Kpomo meat

Dry fish and bee


Palm oil

Beef (chopped)

Onions (chopped or sliced)



1. Boil kpomo, dry fish and bee.

2. Then grate your pepper.

3. Put palm oil on the gas and allow it to be hot after which you will add your chopped beef.

4. Stir-fry for some minutes.

5. Then add onions and your pepper.

6. After 5 miniutes add your kpomo, dry fish and the stock.

7. Add small knor and allow to fry well, then you'll have your ofada kpomo sauce ready.

You'll love how vibrant it will look. If you love eating hot food, definitely this would be fine with hot steaming rice.