How to Make Beef Curry with Coconut Milk

Coconut beef stir fry served with curried egg fried rice! I have drooled so much on the stir fries going on among my peers this week so I decided to whip mine up! It was Delicious!

I used:

Half red, green and yellow peppers

1 big onions



Oyster sauce

Light soy sauce



Olive oil


2 carrots

1/2 tin coconut milk

2 Piece steak- cut into strips.


1. Shred your beef, season it and add into a bit of olive oil in a pot with crushed garlic and ginger, stir and let it cook for 10mins in its own juice.

2. Then dd the oyster sauce and coconut milk, let cook again for about 10mins so your beef is tender.

3. Now add the mushrooms and carrots, stir and let it cook for 3mins, then add your mixed peppers, onion and soy sauce and cook for 3-5mins.