How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on African American Skin

If you're an African-American and need to spotless skin, the following measures is definitely the best around the web.

Whether your dark spots is cause by Acne, pimples, chickenpox, bruises or insect bites, choose one of the multiple ideas here to make your skin look good once again.

1. Wash the face with a gentle cleanser and gently pat dry. Steep green tea bag in warm water and add lemon juice. Rinse face with lukewarm water and add aloe vera gel to affected areas.

2. Moisturize face with sunscreen especially in the summer. Always cleanse face thoroughly at night time and abstain from applying anything as you go to bed.

3. Use lemon and apple juice.

Mix the 2 natural juices together, wet your hand-towel with the liquid and wipe your face every morning before the regular washing.

Warning: Don't bleach in fact go for natural ways


Fenugreek is a productive ingredient that heals acne spots on dark skin.

You can make a simple paste recipe out of fenugreek leaves and use it as a face mask.

You can even boil Fenugreek seeds (Methi seeds) at home, blend them in a fine paste and store it in a cool place.

Use this paste on acne blemishes and dark spots on skin.

Leave it on for 15-20 mins and wash it with cool water.


Apply Lemon juice on the dark spots with a cotton pad.

Leave it on the affected area for a while, let your skin absorb the lemon juice completely before washing off with lukewarm water. Avoid hot water to prevent your skin from further irritation.

Lemon juice acts as a natural bleach although improves the appearance of dark acne scars and blemishes by lightening them to match the colour of skin.


Sandalwood and rosewater paste is another HOME remedy that can be utilized as a skin mask and can be directly applied on the scarred area after warm bath.

Allow the paste stay for more than an hour on the skin (or make it overnight if you can).

Then wash off the mask completely using cold water and a clean cloth.

This is proven to be an effective method to treat dark spots on African-American skin.


Olive oil is EXCLUSIVELY a miracle substance that helps in nourishing and moisturising your skin naturally.

Regular application of Olive oil helps in decreasing acne scars and protecting the skin from future breakouts.

Massage olive oil on affected parts of your skin every day till satisfied.

Olive has moisturizing properties that helps soften the texture of skin and reduce the prominence of acne spots or healed bruises.


Cucumber is proven to be great in keeping the skin smooth and supple, flexible and durable.

Many distinct cosmetic beauty products today often have cucumber as a key ingredient due to it's role in allowing skin to regain it's natural texture even after longterm dryness or breakage.


Indian gooseberry creams and lotions are apt for reducing dark spots, acne scaring and outbreaks on the skin.