How To Get Rid Of Poison Ivy Rash With At Home Remedies

Home remedies to get rid of poison ivy rash varies according to function and speed of healing. Here's how to get rid of poison ivy quickly and be satisfiede with the result.

1. Bathing with lukewarm water and tea tree.
When you want to get rid of poison ivy you should skip bathing with just cold water directly. Bath with lukewarm water and rinse with cold water then apply tea tree oil all over the spot. If the blisters as somewhat itchy use ice water on them all the time and rub the tea tree oil after cleaning dry with a cotton washcloth.

2. Orange Dawn dishwashing detergent.
Mix salt with orange Dawn dishwashing detergent equally and stair until you make a paste. Add some hand sanitizer in small quantity and apply to the poison ivy rash area to last for 2 hours. Use hot water to wash and wipe it dry with clean washcloth.

Get some fingernail polish remover and rub gently on the rash spot. Allow it to stay for long without creating sweat by sitting in one place or even under the fan. Orange Dawn dishwashing detergent cleanses every outer "bad" bacteria that causes irritation and muliplies the poison ivy rash. So hindering them by washing with dish soap and rubbing fingernail polish remover is one of the best home remedies to get rid of of ivy poison rash. Do it only once a day.

3. Hand cleaner - degreaser.
Poison ivy rash contain some acidic liquids which is somewhat translucent which causes the itch, and when touched any part of the skin it causes irritations and multiplication of the same rash. Hand cleaner is the only known degreaser that can cleans all the greases and moisture off the skin to bring about instant relief.

Just get some hand cleaner at any store and rub it everytime you had a bath. Sometimes you need to rinse the rash spots with warm water in order to get the pores opened for the hand cleaner to work the best. It hurts sometimes but within some minutes the pain subsides. Our fight using this home remedy is to clean every grease poison on the skin. So it should be done twice a day, with thorough cleaning of the skin before re-application.

4. Laundry isle or soap.
Laundry soaps are very effective especially those that work as multi purpose in getting rid of poison ivy rash. They suck every inch of poisoned liquids withi the poison ivy rash. Just get one and rub to stay for the whole night and wash in the morning with cold water. Do this every night to get rid of poison ivy rash and clearing spots simulataneously.

5. Hydrocodone and triaminolone cream.
There are many creams out there named after hydrocodone and triaminolone. But in order to make the wide cycle tiny, you should check out the ingredients of your present cream. If you are lucky you would find those that contain both the two. Rub them all over the infected skin after every warm bath. Keep rubbing it for the whole day to keep the poison ivy rash disturbed.

6. Clorox bleach.
Above all the remedies to get rid of poison ivy rash, clorox bleach can be used singly without much contempt and sorrow of pains from application. Within two days the rash would go away leaving you only with a smooth skin.

Use a cotton bud to apply clorox bleach after each bath and forget about it till the next bath. Making it atleast 3 times a day, means bathing normally (not just showering) 3 times with lathered water and sponge. There would be no irritation that would hurt the application. Only concentrate on keeping the spot clean. It should be diluted at first.

7. Vicks vapour rub.
Vicks vapour rub contains mentol to cool up the itch area and also drying properties that would suck away those fungi infectious liquid from the spot. Rub it every now and then to feel the effect more faster. Do not use any type of home remedies to get rid of poison ivy rashes together with vicks vapour rub in order to hasten the effect.

8. Caladryl and cortizone cream.
Caladryl is not a direct drying agent but works a bit strangly in getting rid of poison ivy rash more faster when mixed cortizone cream. Use towel or some harsh washcloth and soaking some small part with the mixture of the two. Rub it directly and vigorously on well bathed and dried skin using massaging forces to break the blisters.

9. Eucalyptus oil.
Eucalyptus oil has a propellant gas-like properties that works in solving whatever kind of blisters. From sun burn to strain bruises to poison ivy rashes. So if you are looking for how to get rid of poison ivy rashes fast on the face, I will also recommend this natural remedy to solve your problem.

Bath with its mixture, use it as a cream and use warm water completely every night to rinse the blisters befor application. Thus you get rid of poison ivy rash and avoid future attack by adopting the pace.