Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Chiggers (Bites) Naturally

Chiggers can be highly bothering especially when they bite in the night. With this home remedies get rid chiggers and chiggers bites you would observe the basics of getting rid of house pests from the skin.

Chiggers get into the skin by contact with plants and field grasses. Although it is only the larvae that feed bites on human and animal, it irritates more than mosquitoes. To be sure of what we are trying to get rid of using this home remedy, chiggers are red in colour and usually about 0.4 mm of size.

Mostly, we don't see chiggers are individuals and identify unless we found them in colonies because of the tiny body. So their mode of bites is also another prove to be sure of; even before scratching the skin, when a chigger larvae bites, it forms a thick small swelling with a small pore. Mostly if you press the hardness using a "popping" motion, some white colourless liquid oozes out.

Some chiggers can be found on the itchy area immediately after the first itch trying to suck. Now that you are sure of what we are talking about, lets go to the home remedies get rid chiggers and chiggers bites.


1. Listerine Cool Mint.
Get some warmed boiled water that don't seem to hurt so much. Deep a washcloth inside the warm water. Apply the listerine cool mint excessively all over the skin where the chiggers bite. Pick out the washcloth and squeeze the water out. Massage your body (concentrating on the bites) with the washcloth, re-warming it in the water two times.

Once done, put on the listerine cool mint on the bites and leave for the whole day. Listerine mint as a home remedy get rid chiggers works more than any external chemicalized ointment you can find. Although it depends on skin texture, applying it for once would solve the problem. If not, do it twice for better results. Note that listerine mint can hurt a bit, when touched opened wound caused by scratching. So do not bother about the irritations, it'll go away sooner.

2. Hot showers on itch and chiggers.
Consists of home remedies to get rid of chiggers infesting in the skin and at the same time healing the bites to a considerable state. It is very obvious, but make sure that you don't have a sensitive skin in order to implement this without fear.

Boil water and leave it to cool a bit and get on for 10 minutes shower. If the itch is on the leg or hands, you might even like to dip it inside the warm water for sometimes. Do it twice a day, and after the last try, rinse your body with ice water to get the pores closed avoiding further bacterial infections. Note that scratching can makes the case worse. If you can resist just for the treatment day, you might end up successfully.

Update: Pouring a bag of Epsom Salt into the warm water before bathing or dipping your body inside hastens the chiggers bites relief. The Epsom Salt removes poison quickly with the aid of steam that opens the pores.

3. Put on Hydrocortisone cream.
Among the many home remedies get rid chiggers bites, hydrocortisone cream is one of the drying agents that is somehow more chemicalized and can draw up poison fluids out of the bites. Consider putting on this only twice a day and concentrate on leaving the bitten skin exposed to air in order to heal fast.

4. Band-aid to get rid of itch.
Band-aid, when applied on the bite will take a away the itch immediately. It is also a drying agent and works by absorbing fluids out of the "oppened" skin. So it hasten the healing altogether with getting rid of itch from chiggers bites.

Getting Rid of Chiggers themselves.
Many times infestation comes to our skins from outside or just found it within the apartment, there's a likelihood that there are many more chiggers somewhere else within the house. So this tips should be applied or implemented where obviousity of infestation is high like, cupboard, beddings, couche, laundry and bathroom.

Bendadryl; a chigger repellent and killer.
Boil some water and pour it inside a bowl. Get the Bendadryl tab or any type. Pour it inside the water and take the bowl to where the infestation is obvious.

First, I suggest to take it to your bedroom, then near the couches (living room), then bathroom. The steam brings out some smells that irritates chiggers more than you can even feel or smell. The moist contributing agents makes them more of a killing pest, so they got hold up and die. Just close everywhere to make the "room" more humid.

Note that in home remedies get rid chiggers and chiggers bites you can also bath with Bendadryl mixed water. The most important fact to consider is to do it once a day and avoid vigorouse scratching while on treatment.