Can I Really Make Money Online By Doing Nothing?

This is a question I usually recieve from many people asking about making income online from home. It is very clear that before you can make money online, you must do something vital. This may be easy or hard to some extent. This days, there are bunch of articles and blogs on how to make money online doing almost nothing. This can't happen, but you can make some small income with some clicks.

In many cases if you are looking for a way to find a real job online, you need to be some professional in doing what you are interested.
For example, if you like writing or are you a professional writer, I promise you can make a living online from home by writing.
Just by writing blogs on what you are interested in, you would be making incomes that will support all your financial needs. I don't have to explain much about writing online. It only needs some of your time and let your content be holy and informative.
There are also bunch of sites that promise making money by just copy and paste. Yes you can make money in many ways but I will only recommend writing (blogging) or affiliate marketing. Which you can do both "the two" at same time in order to profit more.
Real Picture of Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is a popular online business which involves selling other's products in order to get some percentage of your sells. In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best way of making emergency income. You can make more than thousand dollars a day. Believe me!
Why is it that many people fail with affiliate marketing?
Yes, many people are complaining to me about affiliate marketing failure. This is because of two things; it is either you lack the tools of affiliate marketing or you've never understand what is called by advertisement. I mean, you have not understand how to advertise a product to buyers.
When we come to affiliate marketing, we advertise to target visitors in order to get sells. And this is what most people are wondering about! Searching the net for a whole day, just looking for targeted buyers while they are still failing. The best way to advertise product as a newbie like you is by targeted Pay-Per-Click advertising. Don't get worried because I called you a newbie. It is just like that, if you've never make a sell with affiliate marketing.