Top Search Engines

There are many search engines around which help internet users to search and get quick result for almost everything. It may be a "how to", "how things work" or other special informations. Search engines usually index all the important information of the web and serve it in just micro seconds. It gives results according to the searchers key words.
The top search engine for now is google, followed by yahoo and bing. Google is the first and the best search engine. It usually index and re-index regularly in order to fetch fresh contents and serve its users the best. Google search engine also gives the best features to its users such as advanced search, more search tools and many many features. They also create a category where one can search images only, videos, maps, news and entertainments.
Top search engines get their ranks from everyday users. As for me, I love google very much because it is easy to use and understand all its features. Google is everywhere. It loads so fast, and also helps its new users by correcting their spellings errors. So intelligent that it picks new words so fast.
As a blogger or website owner, you need to provide good and new information to get high ranked on the top search engines.
This is just why google is the best. It shuffles and index best results and keep it on top. Mostly, websites with original and unique contents are on top.
Yahoo and bing are also fine. They found themselves to be the top search engines because of popularity. This popularity are because of ad serving, email services, and other important features.
Bing is mostly used by schools and collages. They make it as their default search. So, for writers and bloggers who write about education. They would see bing as their best search engine.
Also, most of the top browsers such as Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera choose a search engine as a starter page. Lets take for example, Mozilla firefox love google search engine. So, when opening the browser it will automatically go to google search. Likewise internet explorer and opera. This how it comes in default but you can change the settings.
Google luckly create an idea of creating their own software browser. This browser is called Google Chrome. It has gives them more opportunity to be the top search engine, because Google Chrome is a good browser. It is fast and has its default home page as google.
Hope I have satisfy you with this information about the top search engines and their features.