How To Make Money as a Beginner Affiliate

When I was first introduced to the world of internet affiliate marketing, it was so obvious though hilarious as all the articles I read just talk about simple copy and paste and you're "done" for real streams of income (most are fake). And you know what? It keeps me searching through the web to copy and paste. Not knowing that as beginner, affiliate marketing needs some technics that no matter your luck, you can't do without it. So, in this post am going to show you beginners vital facts involving affiliate marketing.
As a beginner, you need to know that affiliate marketing is selling someone's product and getting some part of the money which is usually called "Commission". This commission varies from an affiliate site to the other and from merchant to merchant. So, it is very unwise to sign up for every affiliate site you come across. It is not like other forms of making money online like, paid email, ptc, survey taking etc.
Do you know there are hundreds of affiliate sites that never pay for sells. You can make a sell but they would run away with the money - both the commission and the real price. Some can even offer 100% affiliate commissions sells just to entice you to fall into their scam trap. So beware!
Am not telling you this, in order to get you scared. There are affiliate sites also who are dedicated in offering great commission opportunities for beginners to sell and even make a living by it.
Choosing the best Affiliate Products to sell
When choosing a product to sell don't waste your time on products that offer less than 50% percents commission of a sell, rather you should bid on products that are so popular or think that it suppose to be very popular in time to come. This can give you some continues rolls of commissions for just a sell.
Where to advertise affiliate products as a beginner
It is a question that most affiliate beginners ask on the web, but unfortunately, most of this beginners fall into the hands of the "money seekers". Instead of giving them the simple answer, they would be going round-about and at last money shall be demanded - believe me, nothing will come out of it.
The only true one and only way to advertise your affiliate products as a beginner is by what we call as Per-Per-Click (PPC).
PPC means paying for advertisement. It is where investment comes into play. You pay for getting quality visitors/buyers to your affiliate link. It is the best reliable way of advertising your "anything".
Please you should only invest on sites that carry much reputations.