50 Basic Needs of A Nigerian Kitchen

Want to have a complete nigerian kitchen. Check out this lists of items you need.


1. An electric cooker, gas cooker or a kerosene stove

2. A set of cooking pots, a set of five is fine

3. Cooking utensils

4. Plates, saucers and bowls

5. Cutlery

6. Plates rack

7. Food processoror blender. If you can get the food processor with 32 functions, that'd be great because it saves you from buying a blender, mortar and pestle and even manual graters.

8. Sandwich toaster

9. Bread toaster

10. Sieve

11. Airtight plastic containers for storing grains and foodstuff like garri, crayfish etc

12. Mugs and cups of different sizes

13.China, preferably white

14. Aprons

15. Hand gloves

16. Napkins

17. Dish washing liquid

18. Chest Freezer

19. Refrigerator

20. Dinner sets

21. Sets of drinking glasses

22. Hot water flask and electric kettle if you do not have hot water running

23. Fry pan

24. Pressure cooker

25. Rice cooker

26. Deep fryer

27. Can cutter

28. Strainer

29. A plunger incase of clogged sinks

30. Baking pans

31. Microwave oven

32. Kitchen bowls

33. A cleaver for cutting chicken and tough meats

34. A sharp scissors and kitchen knives

35. Different sizes of Ziploc bags

36. Wine opener

37. Serviettes and kitchen tissue rolls

38. Rubber bands

39. Wall clock

40. Kitchen scale for if you bake a lot

41. Food flasks, good food warmers

42. Chopping board

43. Tooth picks

44. Serving trays

45. Potato chipper

46. A very good kitchen mop

47. A small radio

48. A vegetable trolley

49. A washing machine if you have kitchen space for it.

50. Kitchen Slippers.