How to Make White Sauce With Veggies Used For White Rice

Do you want to make white sauce with veggies used for white rice anytime soon? The delicious meal is just some minutes being served.

Just relax and I will teach you the exact white sauce recipe for baked vegetables and the veggies used for white rice. They all give similar taste, although different.

Materials and Ingredients for Recipe:


Green beans or peas

Green pepper





Maggi (Nigerian sauce)


Curry & thyme



White Sauce Recipe For Vegetables Procedure:

1. Season your beef and chicken and cook until tender.

2. Chop your carot, beans, green pepper, onions to your desirable size.

3. Mix your flour with water not too thick not too watery and keep.

4. Fry your chicken after it's cooked.

5. Chop your beef into small pieces and set aside.

6. Heat groundnut oil, then fry your chopped beef until the colour changes to golden brown

7. Add onions to the beef and fry until onions is cooked.

8. Add your carot and beans or peas and fry til it's a little bit soft.

9. Then add your green pepper and cabbage and stir for one minute.

10. Then add your chicken stock to your fried stuffs and allow to simmer.

11. Add your maggi, salt, pepper to taste.

12. Then lastly add your mixed flour and stir until you get a desirable thickness.

Test taste and adjust to desirable. Serve strictly with white rice. Enjoy in the lunch time with banana ice cream or other homemade fruit juice. For dinner, you might need to go for green tea.