How to Make Rivers State Native Soup

From it's name you know that what am about to share is a Rivers State Native Soup. It has no particular name than this. Let's jump to the recipe.

Basic Ingredients:

Assorted meat

Goat meat


Kpomo (chopped to small sizes),


Dried fish,

Palm oil,

Knorr Seasoning,



Ngolo (English name not recognized but the name is familiar among sellers. It's a seafood),

Ofor (thickner)

Uziza leaf.

Tips About Using Ingredients:

Making the rivers state native soup, you can use ofor, cocoyam or achi. Anyone you choose.

* Fresh fish croca or any kind of fresh fish you choose.

* Periwinkle (isam) or even snail.

* Uziza leaf or bitter leaf or any kind of leaf you choose, in a little quantity.

* Dry fish, stock fish or any kind of dry fish your pocket can buy. You can also put fresh crayfish,(shrimps) ogolo or okporo.

All these will make it rich.

Note: You must not buy all. Choose the once you're capable of affording. This is a very simple native soup any body can cook.


1. Wash and cook your meat, stockfish and dry fish for sometime. Don't put too much water, just moderate. Since you can add more anytime.

2. When your meat and fish are soft, put the thickner (ofor) in a plate/bowl and add oil.

3. Mix well in the plate to avoid lump,s then add to your boiling meat.

Stir and allow to boil for some time.

Observe the thickness. Some like it very thick while others prefer it light.

Serve and enjoy with any swallow.