Convection Microwave Without Manual? Tips, Question and Answers

If you're new with convection microwave I'm sure this question and answer conversation will help you. Don't forget to message us if you have an unanswered question about your kitchen and cooking.

-Can I leave the glass turntable inside while using the convection mode to bake?


I don't see why not though you should have some metal fixtures for the Microwave to use during the Convection phase.

-Yes I have a short metal rack and the glass turntable has microwave only written on it but some people said it must be left in the oven during all modes while some said it would crack under the convection heat *sad*


If it says microwave only, then it must be microwave only - remove it!

-Ok I'll remove it.

2. The first time I used the oven to bake a cake the top was hard, to cut it with knife required too hands *seriously* and I've been baking for a while now so its not the recipe. What can I do better next time? Reduce the heat? Cover with foil?

And please...

I cant seem to decipher how to use the other options on the oven. That is where it has pasta, cake, auto reheat, pizza, defrost etc


The hardness most come from the level of heat or the time you left it inside the microwave. Read the manual that came with it. Microwaves are different. Spend time on the manual you'll definitely learn alot.

- The glass of the oven was broken during transit and the courier company had to take it for repairs which resulted in the disapperance of the manual. So I'm just feeling my way blindly here.


What company sold it to you and what make is it?

-It's kenwood


Go to this page and search for your model number.


For readers that don't know there way around convection microwave and don't have the model number, you can send the picture to us. We'll provide the manual once the type is identified. Happy cooking!