How to Boost Your Self Confidence and Self Esteem

Nervousness is clearly a lack of self belief and motivation to face the world as it is. Doubt is your problem.

Low self esteem mostly involve person's background, bad experiences and lack of skills in many aspects of life. Thus, if you cannot estimate yourself useful or deserving, you have a low self esteem.

Here's how to boost your self confidence and self esteem...

Recall your fast excellent performance. The time you did something unusual, amazing yourself and the people around. This practice helps boost your self confidence and self esteem by introducing self belief.

Try something you've never done before. Go to places around the city you've never gone before. In the other hand, do something yourself--something that someone has been helping you with. This helps to boost self confidence and self esteem by waking up the unique sense of decision in you.

Do not settle as the watcher all the time. Do something you're good at and let other people cheer. Even if there's no one to cheer, you will always feel empowered of your own abilities and skills. This helps to boost your self confidence and self esteem when you realize your accomplishments, creating a sense of competent -- a big booster of self esteem.

Get rid of self consciousness. Especially in the public, look at others not you. This booster works by letting you get out of your comfort zone without trying hard-- self confidence and a desire to take a new step to everything.

Relax, compose--align yourself where self confidence and self esteem can find you. Do not do the above techniques in a haste. Relax and make your decisions majestically. This helps to boost your self confidence and self esteem especially when you look relaxed and confidence in the physical. Thus people's positive behaviour toward you will be like a re-assurance that you're okay--double self confidence and self esteem booster.

Do not ever ever attempt to be a perfectionist. It kills confidence and even jumps on your self esteem. Yes, you could be wrong. Tell yourself this, but try to improve yourself to increase your self assurance.

Skill improvement brings about high self esteem while the recognition that you can be wrong somehow, increases self confidence. You got me?

Other facts to consider to boost your self confidence and self esteem...

Wear clothes you feel confident in. Someone said "dress sharp" and I believe that. Dressing sharply boosts my self confidence and self esteem at once! Don't spend much!

Increase the speed of your steps, while walking. I always see a Goal-ish person when you walk faster. It makes me feel a bit above my height whenever I walk fast. It is a natural self esteem booster and self confidence builder.

Improve your posture. Sit straight!

Listen to motivational speech, song or read it aloud for yourself.

Compliment others' accomplishments. It makes me happy to make someone happy. And yea, it makes me confidence when I improve someone's self esteem a bit.

Appreciate yourself and be contended with 'impossible' things around you.

Speak up your mind without thinking twice. Just try this. It is a good way to boost your self confidence and self esteem, after all Nobody is going to laugh at you.

Improve your looks. Work out. Do not neglect your knowledge and what you have to offer, something of value. Think about your values rather than your failures and disabilities. Everybody has some weak point, but your center of thought should be on the positive value.