What To Do (Eat) When You Have Food Poisoning

The first thing to do when you have food poisoning is to take fruits. Herbal teas help to heal food-borne illnesses that always lead to diarrhea. Take much fluids in order to stay hydrated.

Hydration also helps improve blood flow, increase immunity and obviously neutralizer food poison when taken immediately. Although some food poisoning only manifest even after 24 hours, taken much water can help.

Oral Rehydration Therapy would be needed when severe diarrhea is encountered, although you might need other energy drinks as well. Also, reduce your regular food intake. Instead of eating lots of rice or other starchy foods in large quantity, eat small quantity every hour.

Soup and vegetables. Eat simple soup foods and mix up with vegetables. Avoid high diary, fatty and sugar. Include fruit juices several times everyday.

Eat BRAT diet such as bananas, toast, rice etc. Do not combine everything in your stomach instead, give some gap between taking other food. In some cases, food poisoning is treated by not eating anything at all but it might affect your health if not used to starving or fasting. So eat moderately and relax more.

Another diet to eat when you have food poisoning is Bland food combination. This include cooked carrots, potatoes, and crackers. Mashed potatoes were said to be more preferable and treats food poisoning. Ginger ale can be added to hasten the treatment.

One single diet method to treat food poisoning is by sipping frozen fruit juice. It gradually goes down and takes care of your poisoned stomach. Popsicles can be an alternative to fruit juice but should also be taken slowly.

Dry cereal, to be eating without milk. Other dried foods are good in supporting quick recovery after any food poisoning--saltine crackers or any unbuttered toast.

Foods to avoid when you have food poisoning include:

Cut down on greasy foods, such as margarine, fried foods and the like.

Diary products and spicy foods should also be cut down totally, till you recover fully.

Stop alcohol or any caffeinated food when you have food poisoning. This also accounts to acidic fruits such as tomatoes. Differentiate between acidic and clear juice and you're going to be fine.

Oatmeal and vitamin water can be taken to increase electorlytes and lots of nutrients.

If you want to be healed from food poisoning fast just drink a whole shoot of apple cedar vinegar. Although not confirmed, someone testified about the effect of this liquid in treating food poisoning.

Drink yogurt to treat salmonella food poisoning. If it involves vomiting or fever eat bean broth, rice water or chicken. Rehydration should also be considered with lots of additional protein.

What to eat when have food poisoning leading to diarrhea include fresh well cooked or mashed maize, grains, cooked bananas, papaya. This are energy foods to help you recover as fast as possible.

Some body building foods to be eaten when poisoned include boiled eggs, lentils, well cooked peas, fish, chicken and milk. Sometimes milk can cause some digestion problems especially when you're really dehydrated and malnourished due to the diarrhea severity.