How To Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast Home Remedies

How long does pink eye last? It depends on the way you treat it and the main cause of the colour. So we are going to discuss how to get rid of pink eye fast home remedies.

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Bacterial pink eye is very contagious and can spread to someone else through sweating or hand shaking. So it is wise to wash hands more often in order to get rid of pink eye fast and also avoid it getting spread around your family or school. Regular pink eye lasts just for 7 days before it would be fully gone but spend only 3 days as a contagious infection. Here are the step by step how to get rid of pink eye home remedies to easily put into works and be free within 7 days.

1. Wet washcloth.
For many times as possible and for long as you can, wet a washcloth and place it over the pink eye letting water drip a bit. This is the most natural home remedy to get rid of pink eye because it dissolves and clears up any sealed discharges from the infection that affected the movement of the thin protective membrane that covers your eyeball. Spend at least 4 hours of the day wetting the area and might see some changes within the second day.

2. Flushing the Eye.
Many pink eyes are caused from allergies and continual chemical deposition on the thin membrane covering the eyelid. This deposition may arouse from exposed make ups, dust and other possible chemicals.

Note that not all pink eyes or conjunctivities are connected with contacting from people, but even the one that was gotten through chemical allergies can be transmitted if still infected by a bacteria, which usual does.

So flush out the eye with excessive normal temperature water. Do not use hot or cold water to avoid affecting eyeballs negatively instead getting rid of the pink eye. You can do this today, then skip tomorrow before doing another day. 3 times a week is okay to help you get rid of conjunctivities naturally from your eye using the simple home remedy.

4. Neem leaves pink eye remedy.
Neem trees can be used to get rid of of conjunctivities in the eye by boiling in a clean water for 15 minutes. Leave it to cool and separate the leaves with the water. Rinse your face with the liquid mixture for 5 minutes and repeat after 2 hours.

In order to see this home remedy work you have to repeat the rinsing giving the interval of 2 hours for 5 time. If you started the measure in the morning you might end up getting rid of pink eye overnight. Remember to let the water cool, and you must use a fresh boiled neem leaves if you have to repeat the next day.

In some more technical cases, you can dip a clean cotton clothing or cotton wool inside the liquid and place it on the eye for 10 minutes 3 times daily. It has the same action and can bring more safer result.

5. Cucumber Slice on pink eye.
Slice cucumber into a considerable sizes and let it cool for atleast 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Place it on the eye until it becomes warm and repeat 3 times.

If you're lucky enough, cucumber only can help you to get rid of pink eye in a day. But note that you can still repeat everything the next day to clear up the unseen symptoms.

In another research, it was found that cucumber juices are great healers of pink eye and can be used on treatment of conjunctivities by just mixing with water and rinsing the face. It is easy to extract those fresh juices. It might either by crushing or squeezing. If you can't find enough to mix with water and rinse your face, you can always mix small part of it and use cotton wool to massage the area of the eye.

6. Using rose water at home.
The use of rose water includes its petals to treat pink eye at home. Sometimes you may like to use the direct liquid, but the freshly petals are always proven to be the best.

Boil the petals for 5 minutes and take the pot down the stove. Pour it down a bowl or something comfortable and take it to a more air tight room. Bend your head toward the steam bowl with the eyes directly facing the steam coming out. Do not go closer, just to get some of the moisture which are the most essencial and effective part of the treatment, not the heat.

Stay there for 5 minutes. While leaving the water to cool, remove the petals and place them right on the affected eye for another 5 minutes. After 2 hours, the water must have been cool enough. So rinse your face thoroughly as the final phase to get rid of conjunctivities fast.

Tea bags of chamomile tea, together with witch hazel are also very good home remedies to get rid of pink eyes. Just by placing on the eye is all worth to clear up everything within a day or two. But you should start from the more natural ways.