Make Money Online

How many times have you ever read about "make money online" articles? This should be your last one and the first step for writing your own checks with your hands. Just from home you can determine the best way to make money online.
Illiteracy or literacy is nothing when it comes online business. The basic fact you usually miss about making online income is knowing that, your business should be what you enjoyed doing. This is why am not telling you what you've heard before, but the vital facts is all you need to succeed.
First lets talk about the comparison between affiliate marketing and article marketing or blogging; As an online money seeker, "one out of the two" must be your choice but dew to many competitions some fail even from the very day they started. This is why I encourage most of my desperate online money seekers to go for "Paid-Per-Action system" as an alternative. But when I once sat down with a guy named Thomas. He asked me if there is a way to make a fast income with the two reliable methods i.e affiliate marketing and article posting?
I thought to myself and realise that many people "exactly" take online jobs as "magic money". Certainly its not!
*. Online job is where you can use your natural brain and nothing other than that; For example, if affiliate marketing is about selling products. How could you find a way to sell those products without using the method that most people use? Or how could you overcome those competition obstacles? If no idea! Then leave affiliate marketing for those talented and set off for another income opportunity - since they're many alternatives.
*. What about article marketing? Can I write atleast one simple article a day without getting tempted to spam? If no! Then you need to jump on the hardest but simplest way. LOL!
*. Getting paid to do things!
You may be paid to carry out many tasks just from the net. This online money making is named to be PPA. But the best way to make it a real income stream is by learning to tell about it to your online friends - online money seekers.
This one, if you're a type like me who has many facebook friends, you may use them as a source of income. Simply by referring and getting some percentage of their earnings without you or them losing a dim.
If you could get hundred referrals, I personally advice you to go for this! Because you may be making not less than hundred dollars every month. Thus, it is ok for 5 active sites - which is over $500 into your pocket every month.