Simple Ground Beef Meatball (small-chop) Recipe For Spaghetti

Been struggling with the meatball recipe concept for spaghetti for a long time. Now from researches and professional cookers, I've come with an elaborative ground beef meatball recipe for you.

Am not going to teach you how to make spaghetti jollof or any outside point recipe. Let's go directly to our meatball recipe and get the cooking concept.


500g minced meat (seasoned & cooked)

100g flour

20g spring onion

100g onion paste

20g mill pepper

50g bread crumb

50g beef spices

2 cubes of maggi

Salt to taste (a pinch)

Vegetable oil for frying

3 eggs

Method of Cooking Meatball:

1. Mix all the ingredient together very well.

2. Add beaten eggs to the mixture

3. Mould into the medium balls with flour and fry for atleast 10mins.

4. Put inside a baking sheet and bake for 30mins

5.Garnish with cocktail and diced pimento

Served delicious with spaghetti and vegetables. Soft drinks makes the meal complete and represent a good cooker.

You see how easy it is to bake meatballs for the purpose of serving with spaghetti, other recipes or single. Make sure your friends know this in order to be able to serve you right whenever you visit them for a dinner or lunch.