How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps Fast Naturally Without Medicine

Dysmenorrhea is happens due to the contraction of the uterus. Knowing many facts about how to get rid of period cramps fast and naturally can help to avoid future attack. Regardless of the acuteness of your period cramps you can treat it without medicine.

Learning how to get rid of period cramp fast

• Exercise.
The first measure to circumvent the severe onset of period cramps is exercising for a considerable time each day. Once you concentrate on exercise you can get rid of period cramps naturally on your own.

• Heat application.
Either heat compress or internal heat generation. Apply heat right on the pain full side of the stomach in order to create some drastic relief. Combining exercise and heat is very important to get you comfortable.

• Vitamin Intake.
2 days before your period starts, take 500 IU’s of pure vitamin E and all through the first 3 days of the blood flow. For how to get rid of period cramps, if you think that yours is acute combine vitamin B1 and B6 to control every symptoms attached to period cramps.

Drink alot of warm water or room temperature liquids. It helps alot and avoid touching or using cold objects. Eat alot of banana or Chammomile tea, then relax and rest. Avoid stress at all cost.

Second step how to get rid of period cramps naturally

Eat alot of balanced diet avoiding foods that taste so much. Salty foods can only help adding stress and fatigue. Avoid so much refined food during the period as well.

• What to take to get rid of period cramps naturally during this days are, nuts, fiber, magnesium rich foods, protein, as well as calcium. Milk or pure yogurt are also handy when treating period cramps symptoms.

• Self distraction. Eat alot of chocolate then go out and do some interesting things. Actually, distracting yourself with either reading or playing some games is the best way to feel relieved of the stomach pains. Avoid talking too much in order to get rid of period cramps fast and natural. Do not use pain killers, for your body can build immunity when it get used to medication.

• Make herbal tea such as Lemon balm, about 3 times a day. Drink them warm to keep the heat advantage within your body. Herbal tea are not only important to get rid of period cramps fast but to overcome every pain and sluggishness during period.

• Ginger stuffs.
For one looking for how to get rid of period cramps, ginger is very important in soothing those pains as symptoms. So regardless of what form of ginger it's on your reach. Taking it a day before the period is very important. We have tin pills in a form of capsules, but ginger tea is also effective.

If all of the above measures for how to get rid of period cramps fast doesn't work, do not just stay and rely on natural basics. Check the doctor for uterus medical check up. Some of the pains are contributed by some other disorders, which are unrecognizable without medical diagnosis.

Now, get into the bath tube and pour some warm water on you to quickly get rid of period cramps naturally. After, go and exercises, drink alot of water, then catch some deep rest or do some hobby things. For how to get rid of menstrual cramps, make it up to the gym and have a good time.