Avoidant Personality Disorder Symptoms Treatment

Here's a compilation of avoidant personality disorder symptoms and basic treatments of self help. Learn how to get rid of that inadequate, incapable, nervous and scary social feelings.

Avoidant personality disorder is generally a continuous feelings of social creative disability, fear and excessive anxious thoughts or doubts on people's interpretation of every action you take. In some instances, avoidant personality disorder can be also characterized under nervousness, self isolation due to unseen fears, negative thoughts about one's exhibition by self and it happens continuously making the individual less interested or fearful of social interaction which leads to isolation as big avoidant personality disorder symptom.

Causes of this personality disorder include teenage or kid social abuse, strictness from over careful parents, bullying and other bad social or interactive experiences from the childhood. So most of the time the disorder gets transparent in late teenage or early adulthood. That is from 17 to 22 years of age but the symptoms may last a life time if not diagnosed and treated with clear conscious security.

Avoidant personality disorder symptoms

Obviously there are many symptoms associated with avoidant personality disorder but we are going to look at the few most important.

• Social isolation. The person may feel more safe and comfortable alone rather than connecting or interacting with pears. Although this may not start on the early stage of avoidant personality disorder symptoms, it manifest as the solution for the social anxiety feelings.

• Mute and Extremely nervous. A person with avoidant personality disorder tends to be a thinker and contemplator. His or her mind is invaded with thoughts and fear of rejection. So they become less attentive to the real physical trying to figure out how to make themselves comfortable and outgoing.

• An avoidant personality disorder symptoms exhibited patient may seem comfortable or talkative only with very close friends or people they're sure are incapable of social harassment and negative sensitivities.

• Low self esteem especially on things that are connected with being social.

• Lack of self assurance and reluctancy in meeting new faces. This avoidant personality disorder symptoms may be the first to manifest.

• High tension, breath and even trembling when mistakenly exposed to the public due either positive or negative reason. Some times such avoidant personality disorder symptoms may manifest in assumption of the reality. It's like to see someone smiling at your direction but you're thinking about what's up? Why most he laugh at your appearance? Or are you too ugly and funny? But all useless, since the person may not even recognize you.

• Lack of trust to others especially those that thrive more socially. This feelings is uncontrollable and it usually becomes a part of intuitive mind before it is promoted to avoidant personality disorder symptoms, if the cause is highly vulnerable.

• Social fantasy and imaginations. Desperation can be connected with such avoidant personality disorder symptoms which may build up to bipolar disorder if not taking care of. You feel more lonely than anyone.

Avoidant personality disorder treatment

Since such social personality disorder is well connected mentally, every treatment most start from a careful diagnosis of one's ability and interest in order to hasten the progress. Based on experience and observation, here's are the possible avoidant personality disorder treatments that can be implemented without the need of someone's help.

• My first treatment for avoidant personality disorder is taking a step. Do those things you think are scary or risky to your personality. Nobody can read your mind but you can control people's thought by your own personal exhibitions.

Get into the social interaction based on interest. Get a team, peer group and even church fellowship where you can share your view without the need of personal perspectives. Get used to those small group before gradually involving yourself more socially.

Learning new social skills everyday should be on your personal schedules. As the best avoidant personality disorder treatment, never miss a day without moving to a new level.

Boost your self esteem. Try as much as possible to think positively of yourself rather than negative expectations. Before you go out, think of what you've accomplish that less people are incapable of attempting, then think of your potential that most people want to but cannot find it.

Learning conversation skills are very useful avoidant personality disorder treatments. Although exposing yourself socially is also a factor to build those skills, try to become pro on social and political things. You just need the knowledge.