How To Get Rid Of Bronchitis Naturally Without Antibiotics

Is bronchitis contagious? Yes, according to the stage of developmenet. Here's how to get rid of chronic bronchitis naturally without antibiotics using home remedies and other simple natural techniques.

The reason why we encourage only natural ways to get rid of bronchitis is because, pills and antibiotics, when taking everytime your body reacts driftly can "lame" the functionality of your immune system in two ways; one, your immune system don't work at all to help you care that particular problem making the antibiotics take over you. And two, it makes your body resistable to the antibiotics overtime of consumption and your immune system may take longer time to cope with the changes.

You see, this is why it is important to employ the natural ways to get rid of chronic bronchitis without antibiotics. Here are the lists of consider.

1. Raw onion juice.
Slice some onion cloves into a cup and fill it with clean water. Leave it to spend the whole night and extract the pure liquid. Drink it in the morning on a starving stomach as the first and instant remedy to get rid of bronchitis naturally. Do not take any antibiotic or mix this remedy with any pill in order to observe the gradual subsidence of the bronchitis symptoms. If you still feel greasy late at night, do the same procedure and drink the next morning. Do not repeat twice, it is a reputabl natural way to get rid of bronchitis without antibiotics.

2. Almond's kernels and lemon juice.
Mix the powdered almond kernels inside a lemon juice and drink 3 times for the whole day. Atleast a teaspoon of the powdered and a cup of lemon juice would help to get rid of bronchitis naturally. Allow only 3 hours or more between intake in order to ensure much credibility on its function upon the bronchitis treatment.

Orange juice might be an alternative, but if you are allergic to sugar intake, you may mix it with water to make up a normal solution.

3. Salt water gargle.
Mix salt with hot water like the one for oral rehydration, and gargle the mouth allowing it to flow down the throat a bit. Do this morning and night in order to clear up the bronchitis sore throats.

4. Ginger juice and honey.
Ginger juice is one of the oldest herbal that people use to get rid of bronchitis naturally, in that it acts as a pure antibiotic that has no harm to the immune system.

Mix ginger juice (20%) and honey (80%) in a cup and drink all at once. Repeat 3 times and reduce the phase as the bronchitis subsids without antibiotics.

6. Essential oil vapour.
The only essential oil that is reliable to treat chronic bronchitis is peppermint, which gives the suffer relief at an instant gradually heals the sores, running nose and all of the symptoms of the disease.

Get a small bowl filled half with hot water and add considerable amount of peppermint oil to get the vapour raise with the effective smell. Put your head down, making some simple vapour tent with washcloth or anything. Spend atleast 10 to 20 minutes perceiving the heat.

Settling your system to get rid of bronchitis without antibiotics

In some certain ways on how to get rid of bronchitis without antibiotics, if you are not the pill taker as a whole you are going to find it easier to treat without taking anything or doing something strange.

Lets take for example, a simple bronchitis can be treated by having enough rest with filled stomach. Eat well, drink enough pure water and then relax like no tomorrow. Definitely, all the symptoms would subside in two days or less.

How to treat and prevent bronchitis naturally

Bronchitis do not just start up as an allergy or disease itself. It usually starts with normal cough and when the system can hold up its progress, it promotes itself to the subject of matter. So, our concentration of treating bronchits and preventing would focus on do's and don'ts of nature.

• Do not inhale smoke. If you're a smoker, definitely bronchitis would get stucked in you until you stop. If you aren't, avoid even the kitchen smoke and some minor dust.
• Be hygienic before eating and never use the handkerchief used yesterday for today without washing.
• Everything you feel exposed to wind or cool air, close the nose with a handkerchief. In short, stay mostly indoors for the sake of your health to get rid of bronchitis without antibiotics.
• Do not bath with hot water during winter and cold water during summer. It sounds very weird, but most importantly, bathing with hot water during the cold season always only gets you exposed to the irresistance issues of bronchitis.

When it is ideal to bath with warm-hot water on how to get rid of bronchitis naturally, use epsom salt. Then take vitamin C fruits to finalize everything.