Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Gas And Bloating

For the sake that gas and bloating occurs depending on the food we take, here are some natural ways to get rid of gas and bloating. Abdominal pain is very uncomfortable especiall when followed by gas which is always uncontrollable but to mess the area.

1. Drinking Excessive Water.
Gas and bloating always starts from when our stomach can't digest the food we ate properly. So many times we ate more food that we usually food gas and bloating is likely to occure if we fail to drink more water than we usually do also. Many times, soda and other kind of sugar drinks cannot help more faster than pure water. So in a sure manner of natural ways to get rid of gas and bloating, drinking excessive water would help out. Even though you feel the discomfort and even more filled, it is worth doing to regulate the foods in your stomach.

2. Exercises and stretches after meal.
After having so much water to make digestion more easier, one of the next measure you can take to hasten digestion by motivating the digestive enzymes is by increasing your metabolism. People with high metabolic reaction don't usually have problems with indigestion talk more of gas and bloating. So exercises is one of the biggest, worthy, natural way to get rid of gas and bloating by increasing your blood flow speed, thus high metabolic reaction.

3. Defecate.
Other cause of has and bloating is lack of defecating for long and eating more food above the already swelled up abdomen. This bowel get more pressed against the interesting and always result to a very irritating and embarrassing smelly gas. Mostly this type of gas and bloating is not caused by indigestion either, but by lack of attention to defecate at the right time.

So in order to get rid of gas and bloating naturally, get to the toilet and press those things out out. Once the bowel are out, you won't have problem with gas and bloating. In order to avoid this occuring every day in your life, you should adjust to defecating at the same period of time during the day. Some people prefer in the morning, which is always good to make the day comfortable. Some at night before going to bed. You just need to find a time that you are always at home and free to do it without exceeding the time limits you have set by yourself to get rid of gas and bloating, and prevent gas and bloating. Some of the other measures would be mentioned in the food fruits section.

4. Taking Fresh Fruits.
Fruits such as orange and pineapple are not just only vitamin C sources, but play a good role in regulating the digestive system. Immediately after eating, drink some fruit and you are free from gas and bloating. This takes effect on any kind of feeding regardless of the junk.

In some other words, to get rid of gas and bloating presently even as you've already have your meal an hour back, taking much fruits or juice can help alot. If you prefer taking juice, drink a cup of water first before overflowing your system with the sugar content to avoid another abdominal concussion that causes water bowels.

5. Getting rid of gas out of the stomach.
Some postures has proven to work in getting rid gas in the stomach fast. Although it depends on how the gas and bloating was formed, but it is still a natural way to get rid of gas and bloating.

Sit flat on your back with your leg straight on the floor. Your body should be at rest and stomach likewise. Spread the legs a bit and draw a deep breath and out for a minute. If the gas did not start making an attempt of coming out, push a bit to open up the canal.

You need to relax, observe how your stomach reacts, and wait for the gas to make its way out. Sometimes it would be very slow but atleast the more you relax, the easier and faster you are going to get rid of gas and bloating out of your abdomen. If you spent more than 10 to 20 minutes without progressive gas eruption, try pressing your palms on abdomen making some downward motion massage. It would help alot.

Another measure to take that proves more reliable when we talk about time management is lifting up your kneels, pressing your thighs on the abdomen with the aid of your hands. Do not use pillow. Lift up your head a bit and do a forward and backward thrust, with your spine as the centre spectrum. You would realize that the gas would start oozing out uncontrollably.

Before you do this make sure that you have defecate not so long to avoid defecating inside your some. Like I said, it is very uncontrollable method to get rid of gas and bloating and can ooze out even the liquid.

So this are my very natural ways to get rid of gas and bloating fast and easy. Always remember that drinking water and making some stretchings after every meal before sleep or setting off for work can prevent gas and bloating.