How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs and Cats Home Remedies

Fleas are sometimes magnetic to pets in away that is very hectic to owners. Today we are learning how to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats home remedies which would be treated based on infestation style.

1. Blue Dawn Dishwasher.
If you have a dog that was infested with fleas for a long time, lather blue dawn dishwasher inside a bucket of water and wash the pet directly. Scrub a little with soft brush and leave without rinsing.

Likewise of cat, pour the lathered solution on it without and clean it with washcloth. This works like charm to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats because of the irritation that's caused to kill and repel them. So do not rinse, only leave them to spend a day isolated. Rinse the next day and repeat for the second time. It should be repeated for 3 days and the last, should be rinsed with clean cold water and then leave it to air dry.

2. Citrus Spic and Span.
This is mostly found powered or you can grind it to get rid of fleas in your house. Citrus of any type is a big home remedy that would work in a matter of an hour to eradicate fleas from the whole house including dogs, cats.

Spray the powdered form all over the places they infested. Including where cats usually thrive within the house, dog cage and window sides. Get a bright light and place it in a dim space around a corner in a room and pour the citrus all around. Fleas that jump around would definitely get attracted by the light to come for their death. Most of the time if the infestation is so chronic you should continue as long as it has eradicate the fleas.

3. Vacuuming your home.
Other way to get rid of fleas on dogs is vacuuming the whole house in making it very unbearable to stay on. This is not a direct remedy but a healthy way to eradicate hidden flea eggs and larvae on the floor that usual pop out after you've already done one of the steps above. So literally, attache vacuuming with washing your dog with dawn dishwasher. Should be done after the bath to get the eggs and free from any possible future breeding of fleas.

4.Vinegar and Water.
As we keep going in series, this home remedy can be also followed on implementation after vacuuming the area. Pour some quantity of vinegar (usually white vinegar) in a container and add water half the volume of the vinegar i.e vinegar:water = 100:50. Pour the mixture inside a good garden sprayer and spray all around the kitchen, toilet, couche, all floors and the surroundings where pets usually stay. It helps to kill everything putting up a clear repellent of fleas for a long time in the sense that even though the fleas infest from neighbours, there would be no fear that they would come back so soon.

5. Lemon juice and witch hazel mixture.
As alternative to vinegar due to availability or choice, lemon juice mixture can do many great exploitation in terminating any kind of bug or flea within your home and dogs body. So if you are looking for how to get rid of flea fast on your dog or cat, just spray the mixture on them.

Lemon juice should be twice the volume of witch hazel and must be shaked vigorously to get it mixed. Spray around the house (carpet, rug, chair, couche, beds, windows, door frames, etc) after rubbing it on the pet in order to kill two birds with one stone.

6. Oatmeal pet shampoo.
This is an ointment that kills fleas on contact being so faster to get rid of them on dogs. Rub the oatmeal pet shampoo to spend 10 minutes and rinse with its lathered water then leave. Having some content of the smell on dogs skin is what makes the fleas to die, and if you can do this twice everyday you are going to get rid of fleas on your cat and dogs faster.

7. Kosher or iodized salt.
Make a paste of it by applying small amount of water. Leave it to start drying and "spread" all over the dog's beading. The essence of wetting the salt is to make sure it stays for long where you want them to stay. Apply the same solution also on dogs in the evening, then you can wash them clean with kind of shampoo the next morning. You are going to find the dead ones coming out, so you also need to scrub the skin a bit to eradicate the corpses.

8. Diatomaceous Earth.
Diatomaceous earth also works like charm if you want to get rid of fleas or ticks around your home and on pets. Its a bit messy to spread around your clean environment in the sense that you must leave it for 3 days to kill all the larva and lately eggs that usually hatched in less than 70 hours.

Someone testifies that fleas jump back dead before touching the dog when tea tree oil was rubbed on its skin some minutes bag. So on how to get rid of fleas fast on dogs or cats also you should do the same. The pure essential one is more functional.