Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Termites

There are many types of home remedies to get rid of termites. From researches and experimental witnesses, you are going to learn how to get rid of termites using home remedies.

Borax Combination.
Starting from the beginning of pest control measures, borax works without relenting in killing termites regardless of how it finds them. Today, there are many sources and forms of borax which makes it more flexible in getting rid of termites easily.

Use borax powder in the garden. Spread the entire infestation point of termites and round the garden area. Use borax mixed with water on walls and woods. It can stays for more than 4 months immuned to the infestation of termites.

Borax and Cellulose.
Get some cellulose substance and mix it with borax in a proportion of 5:1 and keep it near the hill their hill. Termites love cellulose and they'll rush over it, eating up both the poison and the cellulose.

Hot Water.
Pour hot water down inside their holes and hills outside. Hot water will not leave nothing alive in the hole and eventually you shall get rid of termites using this home remedy.

Injecting toxic termiticides.
This would work more safely for those that don't have garden closer to the infestation area. Again, toxic termiticides works as immunity and repellents all around. Inject the chemical in the soil with near their hills and use it to mop the floor where termites are likely to infest. Use sprayer for upper paces of infection in order to kill them. Always start from outside before you get in and keep the spray from pets and kids.

The use of bait plates as an home remedy to get rid of termite only work during the summer. Winter is not the time for chronic infestation of termites, so you might choose other techniques if you still have them. But for summer (warm season) , place the baits about 15 feets between each other and make sure is away from the wall with 3 feets. Use termite bait stations that consist of poisons that can destroy their stomach. Mostly, poisons placed in baits are multi-purpose in the sense that termites that work in the baits can get back to the colony (affected) and rubbing their bodies with colleagues, you can get rid of more than 20 for one. Professionals estimate this to 40, but baiting itself is functional depending on the chemicals.

Location also is very important to determine which bait is recieving the most visitors in order to add more poison to hasten the process of termite killing. This is the pro among all the home remedies to get rid of termites.

Termite killer home remedy.
Are you using mint flavoured toothpaste? Another use has come! Mix mint flavoured toothpaste with dish soap of any type and lemon ammonia, the proportion of 3:3:3. Put the mixture in spray bottle and shake vigorously to make a "one" liquid termite destroyer. Get to the infestation area; the walls, corners, furnitures, gardens, near cupboards and all the places you might think of, that is likely to preserve the pests. Spray excessively for the first day, and watch to see the result after 5 days.

Tips: get rid of all moistured materials that may likely to bring termites in the room. Moistured soil is a home for termites, so try your best to allow free air flow in order to lower the humidity, having the soil get dried as well.
Use caulking gun to fill up cracks around the apartment. Check corners, pipe holes and electric lines. Damp a foam with borax and push it in.

Avoid keeping wood in the ground to reduce the possibilities of termites infestation. If its necessary, wet all furnitures with boric acid every 3 months to ensure a constant immunity from termites. Home remedies work but you need to take measure actions to live without termites instead of getting rid of them all the time.

Place wet cardboards on top of each other and place it at the entrance of the hill or where they route. Cardboards contain cellulose that draw the attentions of termites to get in. When a considerable amount have entered, get the cardboards outside and burn it immediately.

In some cases you should spray some boric powder on the cellulose in order to poison them. Cardboards seems to be one of the fastest manual home remedies to get rid of termites. So knowing their destination is quite important, and observation is the way.