Blogging on Blogger - How To Set Up For Effective Blogging

Blogging on is the best way to have a content on the net in just some few simple steps. Remember, if your aim is to write or post pictures about unholy, or inappropriate content, blogger does not support that. But if you are an ambitious writer and wanted to succeed with online blogging, it is the best to get started.

Once you follow this steps, in no time you may be setting up a killer webpage. And your blogging dreams of making money will simultaneously come true.
• is owned by google, so it would be suitable if you have a google account or you can sign up now.
• Goto blogger, and set up your account providing the information asked on the fields. Setting up a blogger profile is a easy as creating an email. Even less forasmuch as you understand the recommendations.
• Next, you will eventually be on the blogger dashboard and you'll see an option saying "creat a blog" or similar language.
• You will be taken to a page where you can write your blog name and blog url. Choose your url wisely. It should correspond to what you'll later blog about. This is the most important part because your traffic, blog popularity and online relevancy depends on the way you choose your blog name and url. For example, if you want to be blogging about Dog training. Write your url as "dog-training-tips" or anything similar. But if you are like me who have interest in many things. You may just set a cute english word for both the blog name and url.
Note: Your blog name should be the same as the url.
Type the simple word verification and click continue.

Choosing the best blogger template

When it comes to blogging or creating a killer webpage like this, template is a very important fact. So in choosing template, you may leave the default one - "simple" if you think it is the best. But I recommend the "photo template" or "awesome", then choose a fair colour background. Don't choose a very colourful background because it can affect the loading speed of your page - it'll be more slower.
• After choosing your template it is time to start writing and posting. You should write providing every information it deserves. You need to try your best and offer what is written on your blog title. For example, if its "5 steps", make sure you provide the exact 5.
• With this, you may be a popular blogger with your blogger blogs in just a short time. And making money with your blogger blog may not be a problem.

Blogging on Blogger Money and Traffic Issues

If you are stepping into the blogosphere purposefully to make some bucks or even living online. Then you might consider my post on make money blogging for beginners to get yourself acquainted to the basics of online income from blogging.

Coming back in making the blogosphere favourable, we need readers as much as we need to eat. As a blogger, you can't deny the fact that whenever you log into your computer internet in the morning, the first thing to do is to check your traffic stats.

Nobody denies it. But what do you do to increase your traffic and income blogging on blogger blog? This is the swiftest question bumping into every mind of a serious writer who's trying to make a living by not counting hundreds but thousand daily traffics.

The answers are twe. The most factual and important fact on posting a blog on blogger.

• Name and url of your blog. Niche blogging is the way out. Long tail keyword on url and blog title is far more effective than 2 or 3 keywords. Let's go to the basics.
how-to-play is less goody to how-to-play-football dot blogspot. And the latter less goody than how-to-play-football-in-germany dot blogspot. Think about this in terms of ranking high on the search engines and prove the best for yourself.

Next, is to keep posting relevant content to those blogs. Note that when blogging on blogger, you can create upto hundred different dot blogspot.